Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Ninth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1993 )
Jul 9-11 1993, Washington, DC

Edited By:
David Heckerman, E. Mamdani
Published By: Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA
ISBN: 1-55860-306-9

A Bayesian Variant of Shafer's Commonalities For Modelling Unforeseen Events
Robert Bordley
A Belief-Function Based Decision Support System
Hong Xu , Yen-Teh Hsia , Philippe Smets
A Construction of Bayesian Networks from Databases Based on an MDL Principle
Joe Suzuki
A fuzzy relation-based extension of Reggia's relational model for diagnosis handling uncertain and incomplete information
Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
A Generalization of the Noisy-Or Model
Sampath Srinivas
A Method for Planning Given Uncertain and Incomplete Information
Todd Mansell
A Probabilistic Algorithm for Calculating Structure: Borrowing from Simulated Annealing
Russ Altman
A Study of Scaling Issues in Bayesian Belief Networks for Ship Classification
Scott Musman , L. Chang
A Synthesis of Logical and Probabilistic Reasoning for Program Understanding and Debugging
Lisa Burnell , Eric Horvitz
Additive Belief-Network Models
Paul Dagum , Adam Galper
An Algorithm for the Construction of Bayesian Network Structures from Data
Moninder Singh , Marco Valtorta
An efficient approach for finding the MPE in belief networks
Zhaoyu Li , Bruce D'Ambrosio
An Implementation of a Method for Computing the Uncertainty in Inferred Probabilities in Belief Networks
Peter Che , Richard Neapolitan , James Kenevan , Martha Evens
Argument Calculus and Networks
Adnan Darwiche
Argumentation as a General Framework for Uncertain Reasoning
John Fox , Paul Krause , Morten Elvang-Gøransson
Argumentative inference in uncertain and inconsistent knowledge bases
Salem Benferhat , Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
Belief Revision in Probability Theory
Pei Wang
Causal Independence for Knowledge Acquisition and Inference
David Heckerman
Causal Modeling
John Lemmer
Causality in Bayesian Belief Networks
Marek Druzdzel , Herbert Simon
Constructing Lower Probabilities
Carl Wagner , Bruce Tonn
Deciding Morality of Graphs is NP-complete
Tom Verma , Judea Pearl
Deliberation Scheduling for Time-Critical Sequential Decision Making
Thomas Dean , Leslie Kaelbling , Jak Kirman , Ann Nicholson
Deriving a Minimal I-map of a Belief Network Relative to a Target Ordering of its Nodes
Izhar Matzkevich , Bruce Abramson
Diagnosis of Multiple Faults: A Sensitivity Analysis
David Heckerman , Michael Shwe
Dialectic Reasoning with Inconsistent Information
Morten Elvang-Gøransson , Paul Krause , John Fox
Discounting and Combination Operations in Evidential Reasoning
Jiwen Guan , David Bell
End-User Construction of Influence Diagrams for Bayesian Statistics
Harold Lehmann , Ross Shachter
Forecasting Sleep Apnea with Dynamic Network Models
Paul Dagum , Adam Galper
From Conditional Oughts to Qualitative Decision Theory
Judea Pearl
GALGO: A Genetic ALGOrithm Decision Support Tool for Complex Uncertain Systems Modeled with Bayesian Belief Networks
Carlos Rojas-Guzman , Mark Kramer
Graph-Grammar Assistance for Automated Generation of Influence Diagrams
John Egar , Mark Musen
Incremental computation of the value of perfect information in stepwise-decomposable influence diagrams
Nevin Zhang , Runping Qi , David Poole
Incremental Probabilistic Inference
Bruce D'Ambrosio
Inference Algorithms for Similarity Networks
Dan Geiger , David Heckerman
Inference with Possibilistic Evidence
Fengming Song , Ping Liang
Intercausal Reasoning with Uninstantiated Ancestor Nodes
Marek Druzdzel , Max Henrion
Jeffrey's rule of conditioning generalized to belief functions
Philippe Smets
Knowledge-Based Decision Model Construction for Hierarchical Diagnosis: A Preliminary Report
Soe-Tsyr Yuan
Minimal Assumption Distribution Propagation in Belief Networks
Ron Musick
Mixtures of Gaussians and Minimum Relative Entropy Techniques for Modeling Continuous Uncertainties
William Poland , Ross Shachter
Normative Engineering Risk Management Systems
Peter Regan
On Considering Uncertainty and Alternatives in Low-Level Vision
Steven LaValle , Seth Hutchinson
On reasoning in networks with qualitative uncertainty
Simon Parsons , E. Mamdani
Parameter Adjustment in Bayes Networks. The generalized noisy OR-gate
Francisco Diez
Partially Specified Belief Functions
Serafin Moral , Luis de Campos
Possibilistic decreasing persistence
Dimiter Driankov , Jerome Lang
Probabilistic Assumption-Based Reasoning
Jurg Kohlas , Paul-Andre Monney
Probabilistic Conceptual Network: A Belief Representation Scheme for Utility-Based Categorization
Kim-Leng Poh , Michael Fehling
Qualitative Measures of Ambiguity
Michael Wong , Z. Wang
Reasoning about the Value of Decision-Model Refinement: Methods and Application
Kim-Leng Poh , Eric Horvitz
Relevant Explanations: Allowing Disjunctive Assignments
Solomon Shimony
Representing and Reasoning With Probabilistic Knowledge: A Bayesian Approach
Marie desJardins
Sensitivity Analysis for Probability Assessments in Bayesian Networks
Kathryn Laskey
Some Complexity Considerations in the Combination of Belief Networks
Izhar Matzkevich , Bruce Abramson
The Assumptions Behind Dempster's Rule
Nic Wilson
The Probability of a Possibility: Adding Uncertainty to Default Rules
Craig Boutilier
The use of conflicts in searching Bayesian networks
David Poole
Tradeoffs in Constructing and Evaluating Temporal Influence Diagrams
Gregory Provan
Two Procedures for Compiling Influence Diagrams
Paul Lehner , Azar Sadigh
Using Causal Information and Local Measures to Learn Bayesian Networks
Wai Lam , Fahiem Bacchus
Using First-Order Probability Logic for the Construction of Bayesian Networks
Fahiem Bacchus
Using Potential Influence Diagrams for Probabilistic Inference and Decision Making
Ross Shachter , Pierre Ndilikilikesha
Using Tree-Decomposable Structures to Approximate Belief Networks
Sumit Sarkar
Utility-Based Abstraction and Categorization
Eric Horvitz , Adrian Klein
Valuation Networks and Conditional Independence
Prakash Shenoy

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