Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Eighth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1992 )
Jul 17-19 1992, Stanford, CA

Edited By:
Didier Dubois, Michael Wellman, Bruce D'Ambrosio, Philippe Smets
Published By: Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA
ISBN: 1-55860-258-5

A computational scheme for Reasoning in Dynamic Probabilistic Networks
Uffe Kjærulff
A Decision Calculus for Belief Functions in Valuation-Based Systems
Hong Xu
A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Target Tracking
Chin-Wang Tao , Wiley Thompson
A Note on the Measure of Discord
George Klir , Behzad Parviz
A Probabilistic Network of Predicates
Dekang Lin
A Symbolic Approach to Reasoning with Linguistic Quantifiers
Didier Dubois , Henri Prade , Lluis Godo , Ramon Lopez de Mantaras
aHUGIN: A System Creating Adaptive Causal Probabilistic Networks
Kristian Olesen , Steffen Lauritzen , Finn Jensen
An Algorithm for Deciding if a Set of Observed Independencies Has a Causal Explanation
Tom Verma , Judea Pearl
An Entropy-based Learning Algorithm of Bayesian Conditional Trees
Dan Geiger
Bayesian Meta-Reasoning: Determining Model Adequacy from Within a Small World
Kathryn Laskey
Calculating Uncertainty Intervals From Conditional Convex Sets of Probabilities
Serafin Moral
Conditional Independence in Uncertainty Theories
Prakash Shenoy
Decision Making Using Probabilistic Inference Methods
Ross Shachter , Mark Peot
Decision Methods for Adaptive Task-Sharing in Associate Systems
Thomas Paterson , Michael Fehling
Dynamic Network Models for Forecasting
Paul Dagum , Adam Galper , Eric Horvitz
Empirical Probabilities in Monadic Deductive Databases
Raymond Ng , V. Subrahmanian
Entropy and Belief Networks
Norman Dalkey
Exploring Localization in Bayesian Networks for Large Expert Systems
Yang Xiang , David Poole , Michael Beddoes
Expressing Relational and Temporal Knowledge in Visual Probabilistic Networks
Luis Sucar , Duncan Gillies
Generalizing Jeffrey Conditionalization
Carl Wagner
Guess-And-Verify Heuristics for Reducing Uncertainties in Expert Classification Systems
Yuping Qiu , Louis Cox, Jr. , Lawrence Davis
Integrating Model Construction and Evaluation
Robert Goldman , John Breese
Interval Structure: A Framework for Representing Uncertain Information
Michael Wong , L. Wang , Y. Yao
Intuitions about Ordered Beliefs Leading to Probabilistic Models
Paul Snow
Knowledge Integration for Conditional Probability Assessments
Angelo Gilio , Fulvio Spezzaferri
Lattice-Based Graded Logic: a Multimodal Approach
Philippe Chatalic , Christine Froidevaux
MESA: Maximum Entropy by Simulated Annealing
Gerhard Paa√?
Modal Logics for Qualitative Possibility and Beliefs
Craig Boutilier
Modeling Uncertain Temporal Evolutions in Model-Based Diagnosis
Luigi Portinale
Objection-Based Causal Networks
Adnan Darwiche
Optimizing Causal Orderings for Generating DAGs from Data
Remco Bouckaert
Parallelizing Probabilistic Inference: Some Early Explorations
Bruce D'Ambrosio , Tony Fountain , Zhaoyu Li
Possibilistic Assumption based Truth Maintenance System, Validation in a Data Fusion Application
Francesco Monai , Thomas Chehire
Possibilistic Constraint Satisfaction Problems or "How to handle soft constraints ?"
Thomas Schiex
R&D Analyst: An Interactive Approach to Normative Decision System Model Construction
Peter Regan , Samuel Holtzman
Reasoning With Qualitative Probabilities Can Be Tractable
Moises Goldszmidt , Judea Pearl
Reformulating Inference Problems Through Selective Conditioning
Paul Dagum , Eric Horvitz
Representing Context-Sensitive Knowledge in a Network Formalism: A Preliminary Report
Tze-Yun Leong
Representing Heuristic Knowledge in D-S Theory
Weiru Liu , John Hughes , Michael McTear
RES - a Relative Method for Evidential Reasoning
Zhi An , David Bell , John Hughes
Semantics for Probabilistic Inference
Henry Kyburg Jr.
Sensor Validation Using Dynamic Belief Networks
Ann Nicholson , J. Brady
Sidestepping the Triangulation Problem in Bayesian Net Computations
Nevin Zhang , David Poole
Some Problems for Convex Bayesians
Henry Kyburg Jr. , Michael Pittarelli
Structural Controllability and Observability in Influence Diagrams
Brian Chan , Ross Shachter
The Bounded Bayesian
Kathryn Laskey
The Dynamic of Belief in the Transferable Belief Model and Specialization-Generalization Matrices
Frank Klawonn , Philippe Smets
The Nature of the Unnormalized Beliefs Encountered in the Transferable Belief Model
Philippe Smets
The Topological Fusion of Bayes Nets
Izhar Matzkevich , Bruce Abramson
Towards Precision of Probabilistic Bounds Propagation
Helmut Thone , Ulrich Guntzer , Werner Kiessling

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