Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Seventh Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1991 )
Jul 13-15 1991, Los Angeles, CA

Edited By:
Bruce D'Ambrosio, Philippe Smets, Piero Bonissone
Published By: Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA
ISBN: 1-55860-203-8

"Conditional Inter-Causally Independent" Node Distributions, a Property of "Noisy-Or" Models
John Agosta
A Bayesian Method for Constructing Bayesian Belief Networks from Databases
Gregory Cooper , Edward Herskovits
A Fusion Algorithm for Solving Bayesian Decision Problems
Prakash Shenoy
A Graph-Based Inference Method for Conditional Independence
Ross Shachter
A Language for Planning with Statistics
Nathaniel Martin , James Allen
A Logic of Graded Possibility and Certainty Coping with Partial Inconsistency
Jerome Lang , Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
A Method for Integrating Utility Analysis into an Expert System for Design Evaluation
Deborah Thurston , Yun Tian
A Modification to Evidential Probability
Bülent Murtezaoglu , Henry Kyburg Jr.
A Monte-Carlo Algorithm for Dempster-Shafer Belief
Nic Wilson
A Non-Numeric Approach to Multi-Criteria/Multi-Expert Aggregation Based on Approximate Reasoning
Ronald Yager
A Probabilistic Analysis of Marker-Passing Techniques for Plan-Recognition
Glenn Carroll , Eugene Charniak
A Reason Maintenace System Dealing with Vague Data
B. Fringuelli , S. Marcugini , A. Milani , S. Rivoira
A Sensitivity Analysis of Pathfinder: A Follow-up Study
Keung-Chi Ng , Bruce Abramson
About Updating
Philippe Smets
Advances in Probabilistic Reasoning
Dan Geiger , David Heckerman
Algorithms for Irrelevance-Based Partial MAPs
Solomon Shimony
An Approximate Nonmyopic Computation for Value of Information
David Heckerman , Eric Horvitz , Blackford Middleton
An Efficient Implementation of Belief Function Propagation
Hong Xu
ARCO1: An Application of Belief Networks to the Oil Market
Bruce Abramson
Bayesian Networks Aplied to Therapy Monitoring
Carlo Berzuini , David Spiegelhalter , Riccardo Bellazzi
Belief and Surprise - A Belief-Function Formulation
Yen-Teh Hsia
Combination of Upper and Lower Probabilities
Jose Cano , Serafin Moral , Juan Verdegay-Lopez
Combining Multiple-Valued Logics in Modular Expert Systems
Jaume Agustí-Cullell , Francesc Esteva , Pere Garcia , Lluis Godo , Carles Sierra
Compatibility of Quantitative and Qualitative Representations of Belief
Michael Wong , Y. Yao , P. Lingras
Completing Knowledge by Competing Hierarchies
Kerstin Schill , Ernst Poppel , Christoph Zetzsche
Compressed Constraints in Probabilistic Logic and Their Revision
Paul Snow
Conflict and Surprise: Heuristics for Model Revision
Kathryn Laskey
Constraint Propagation with Imprecise Conditional Probabilities
Stephane Amarger , Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
Deliberation and its Role in the Formation of Intentions
Anand Rao , Michael Georgeff
Detecting Causal Relations in the Presence of Unmeasured Variables
Peter Spirtes
Dynamic Network Updating Techniques For Diagnostic Reasoning
Gregory Provan
Evidential Reasoning in a Categorial Perspective: Conjunction and Disjunction of Belief Functions
Robert Kennes
Formal Model of Uncertainty for Possibilistic Rules
Arthur Ramer
From Relational Databases to Belief Networks
Wilson Wen
Handling Uncertainty during Plan Recognition in Task-Oriented Consultation Systems
Bhavani Raskutti , Ingrid Zukerman
High Level Path Planning with Uncertainty
Runping Qi , David Poole
Integrating Probabilistic Rules into Neural Networks: A Stochastic EM Learning Algorithm
Gerhard Paa?
Investigation of Variances in Belief Networks
Richard Neapolitan , James Kenevan
Local Expression Languages for Probabilistic Dependence: a Preliminary Report
Bruce D'Ambrosio
Management of Uncertainty in the Multi-Level Monitoring and Diagnosis of the Time of Flight Scintillation Array
Robert Paasch , Alice Agogino
Non-monotonic Negation in Probabilistic Deductive Databases
Raymond Ng , V. Subrahmanian
Non-monotonic Reasoning and the Reversibility of Belief Change
Daniel Hunter
On the Generation of Alternative Explanations with Implications for Belief Revision
Eugene Santos Jr.
Probability Estimation in Face of Irrelevant Information
Adam Grove , Daphne Koller
Pulcinella: A General Tool for Propagating Uncertainty in Valuation Networks
Alessandro Saffiotti , Elisabeth Umkehrer
Reasoning under Uncertainty: Some Monte Carlo Results
Paul Lehner , Azar Sadigh
Reasoning with Mass Distributions
Rudolf Kruse , Detlef Nauck , Frank Klawonn
Representation Requirements for Supporting Decision Model Formulation
Tze-Yun Leong
Representing Bayesian Networks within Probabilistic Horn Abduction
David Poole
Search-based Methods to Bound Diagnostic Probabilities in Very Large Belief Nets
Max Henrion
Some Properties of Plausible Reasoning
Wray Buntine
Structuring Bodies of Evidence
Sandra Sandri
Symbolic Decision Theory and Autonomous Systems
John Fox , Paul Krause
Symbolic Probabilistic Inference with Continuous Variables
Kuo-Chu Chang , Robert Fung
Symbolic Probabilistic Inference with Evidence Potential
Kuo-Chu Chang , Robert Fung
Theory Refinement on Bayesian Networks
Wray Buntine
Time-Dependent Utility and Action Under Uncertainty
Eric Horvitz , Geoffrey Rutledge
Truth as Utility: A Conceptual Synthesis
Enrique Ruspini
Why Do We Need Foundations for Modelling Uncertainties?
Henry Kyburg Jr.

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