Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Sixth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1990 )
Jul 27-29 1990, Cambridge, MA

Edited By:
Piero Bonissone, Max Henrion, Laveen Kanal, John Lemmer
Published By: AUAI Press, Corvallis, Oregon

A Combination of Cutset Conditioning with Clique-Tree Propagation in the Pathfinder System
Jaap Suermondt , Gregory Cooper , David Heckerman
A Dynamic Approach to Probabilistic Inference
Michael Horsch , David Poole
A Hierarchical Approach to Designing Approximate Reasoning-Based Controllers for Dynamic Physical Systems
Hamid Berenji , Yung-Yaw Chen , Chuen-Chien Lee , Jyh-Shing Jang , S. Murugesan
A Model for Non-Monotonic Reasoning Using Dempster's Rule
Mary McLeish
A New Algorithm for Finding MAP Assignments to Belief Networks
Solomon Shimony , Eugene Charniak
A New Approach to Updating Beliefs
Ronald Fagin , Joseph Halpern
A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Finding Bayesian Probabilities from Marginal Constraints
J. Miller , R. Goodman
A Probabilistic Reasoning Environment
Kathryn Laskey
A Randomized Approximation Algorithm of Logic Sampling
R. Chavez , Gregory Cooper
A Sensitivity Analysis of Pathfinder
Keung-Chi Ng , Bruce Abramson
Amplitude-Based Approach to Evidence Accumulation
A. Hanson
An Architecture for Probabilistic Concept-Based Information Retrieval
Robert Fung , S. Crawford , Lee Appelbaum , Richard Tong
An Empirical Analysis of Likelihood-Weighting Simulation on a Large, Multiply-Connected Belief Network
Michael Shwe , Gregory Cooper
Analysis in HUGIN of Data Conflict
Bo Chamberlain , Finn Jensen , Frank Jensen , Torsten Nordahl
Application of Confidence Intervals to the Autonomous Acquisition of High-level Spatial Knowledge
Lambert Wixson
Approximations in Bayesian Belief Universe for Knowledge Based Systems
Frank Jensen , S. Anderson
Combination of Evidence Using the Principle of Minimum Information Gain
Michael Wong , P. Lingras
Computation of Variances in Causal Networks
Richard Neapolitan , James Kenevan
Computational Aspects of the Mobius Transform
Robert Kennes , Philippe Smets
Computationally-Optimal Real-Resource Strategies
David Einav , Michael Fehling
Computing Probability Intervals Under Independency Constraints
Linda van der Gaag
Context-Dependent Similarity
Yizong Cheng
Credibility Discounting in the Theory of Approximate Reasoning
Ronald Yager
Decision Making with Interval Influence Diagrams
John Breese , Kenneth Fertig
Decisions with Limited Observations over a Finite Product Space: the Klir Effect
Michael Pittarelli
Default Reasoning and the Transferable Belief Model
Philippe Smets , Yen-Teh Hsia
Directed Reduction Algorithms and Decomposable Graphs
Ross Shachter , Stig Andersen , Kim-Leng Poh
Dynamic Construction of Belief Networks
Robert Goldman , Eugene Charniak
Ergo: A Graphical Environment for Constructing Bayesian
Ingo Beinlich , Edward Herskovits
Evidence Combination and Reasoning and Its Application to Real-World Problem-Solving
L. Chang , Rangasami Kashyap
Exploiting Functional Dependencies in Qualitative Probabilistic Reasoning
Michael Wellman
Extending Term Subsumption systems for Uncertainty Management
John Yen , Piero Bonissone
Fine-Grained Decision-Theoretic Search Control
Stuart Russell
Ideal Reformulation of Belief Networks
John Breese , Eric Horvitz
IDEAL: A Software Package for Analysis of Influence Diagrams
Sampath Srinivas , John Breese
Integrating Case-Based and Rule-Based Reasoning: the Possibilistic Connection
Soumitra Dutta , Piero Bonissone
Integrating Probabilistic, Taxonomic and Causal Knowledge in Abductive Diagnosis
Dekang Lin , Randy Goebel
Kutato: An Entropy-Driven System for Construction of Probabilistic Expert Systems from Databases
Edward Herskovits , Gregory Cooper
Managing Uncertainty in Rule Based Cognitive Models
Thomas Shultz
Minimum Error Tree Decomposition
L. Liu , Y. Ma , D. Wilkins , Z. Bian , X. Ying
Occupancy Grids: A Stochastic Spatial Representation for Active Robot Perception
A. Elfes
On Heuristics for Finding Loop Cutsets in Multiply-Connected Belief Networks
Jonathan Stillman
On Non-monotonic Conditional Reasoning
Hung-Trung Nguyen
On Some Equivalence Relations between Incidence Calculus and Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
F. Correa da Silva , Alan Bundy
On the Equivalence of Causal Models
Tom Verma , Judea Pearl
Optimal Decomposition of Belief Networks
Wilson Wen
Possibility as Similarity: the Semantics of Fuzzy Logic
Enrique Ruspini
Probabilistic Evaluation of Candidates and Symptom Clustering for Multidisorder Diagnosis
Thomas Wu
Problem Formulation as the Reduction of a Decision Model
David Heckerman , Eric Horvitz
Pruning Bayesian Networks for Efficient Computation
Michelle Baker , Terrance Boult
Qualitative Propagation and Scenario-based Explanation of Probabilistic Reasoning
Max Henrion , Marek Druzdzel
Reducing Uncertainty in Navigation and Exploration
K. Bayse , M. Lejter , Keiji Kanazawa
Refinement and Coarsening of Bayesian Networks
Kuo-Chu Chang , Robert Fung
Robust Inference Policies
Paul Lehner
Rules, Belief Functions and Default Logic
Nic Wilson
Second Order Probabilities for Uncertain and Conflicting Evidence
Gerhard PaaĆ?
Separable and transitive graphoids
Dan Geiger , David Heckerman
Similarity Networks for the Construction of Multiple-Faults Belief Networks
David Heckerman
The Transferable Belief Model and Other Interpretations of Dempster-Shafer's Model
Philippe Smets
Time, Chance, and Action
Peter Haddawy
Towards a Normative Theory of Scientific Evidence
David Sher
Updating with Belief Functions, Ordinal Conditioning Functions and Possibility Measures
Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
Using Belief Functions for Uncertainty Management and Knowledge Acquisition: An Expert Application
Mary McLeish , P. Yao , T. Stirtzinger
Using Dempster-Shafer Theory in Knowledge Representation
Alessandro Saffiotti
Valuation-Based Systems for Discrete Optimization
Prakash Shenoy , Glenn Shafer
What is an Optimal Diagnosis?
David Poole , Gregory Provan

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