Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Fifth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1989 )
Aug 18-20 1989, Windsor, ON

Edited By:
Max Henrion, Ross Shachter, Laveen Kanal, John Lemmer
Published By: AUAI Press, Corvallis, Oregon

A Decision-Theoretic Model for Using Scientific Data
Harold Lehmann
A Logical Interpretation of Dempster-Shafer Theory, with Application to Visual Recognition
Gregory Provan
A Tractable Inference Algorithm for Diagnosing Multiple Diseases
David Heckerman
An Empirical Evaluation of a Randomized Algorithm for Probabilistic Inference
R. Chavez , Gregory Cooper
Assessment, Criticism and Improvement of Imprecise Subjective Probabilities for a Medical Expert System
David Spiegelhalter , Rodney Franklin , Kate Bull
Automated Construction of Sparse Bayesian Networks from Unstructured Probabilistic Models and Domain Information
Sampath Srinivas , Stuart Russell , Alice Agogino
Automated Reasoning Using Possibilistic Logic: Semantics, Belief Revision and Variable Certainty Weights
Didier Dubois , Jerome Lang , Henri Prade
BaRT: A Bayesian Reasoning Tool for Knowledge Based Systems
Lashon Booker , Naveen Hota , Connie Ramsey
Bounded Conditioning: Flexible Inference for Decisions under Scarce Resources
Eric Horvitz , Jaap Suermondt , Gregory Cooper
Can Uncertainty Management be Realized in a Finite Totally Ordered Probability Algebra?
Yang Xiang , Michael Beddoes , David Poole
Comparing Expert Systems Built Using Different Uncertain Inference Systems
David Vaughan , Bruce Perrin , Robert Yadrick
Conditioning on Disjunctive Knowledge: Defaults and Probabilities
Eric Neufeld , J. Horton
d-Separation: From Theorems to Algorithms
Dan Geiger , Tom Verma , Judea Pearl
Deciding Consistency of Databases Containing Defeasible and Strict Information
Moises Goldszmidt , Judea Pearl
Decision Making "Biases" and Support for Assumption-Based Higher-Order Reasoning
Marvin Cohen
Decision under Uncertainty
Philippe Smets
Defeasible Decisions: What the Proposal is and isn't
Ronald Loui
Directed Cycles in Belief Networks
Wilson Wen
Efficient Parallel Estimation for Markov Random Fields
Michael Swain , Lambert Wixson , Paul Chou
Evidence Absorption and Propagation through Evidence Reversals
Ross Shachter
Experiments Using Belief Functions and Weights of Evidence incorporating Statistical Data and Expert Opinions
Mary McLeish , P. Yao , M. Cecile , T. Stirtzinger
Freedom: A Measure of Second-order Uncertainty for Intervalic Probability Schemes
Michael Smithson
Heuristic Search as Evidential Reasoning
Othar Hansson , Andy Mayer
Hierarchical Evidence Accumulation in the Pseiki System and Experiments in Model-Driven Mobile Robot Navigation
A. Kak , K. Andress , C. Lopez-Abadia , M. Carroll , J. Lewis
How Much More Probable is "Much More Probable"? Verbal Expressions for Probability Updates
Christopher Elsaesser , Max Henrion
Inference Policies
Paul Lehner
Interval Influence Diagrams
Kenneth Fertig , John Breese
Lp : A Logic for Statistical Information
Fahiem Bacchus
Making Decisions with Belief Functions
Thomas Strat
Map Learning with Indistinguishable Locations
Kenneth Basye , Thomas Dean
Maximum Uncertainty Procedures for Interval-Valued Probability Distributions
Michael Pittarelli
Model-based Influence Diagrams for Machine Vision
Tod Levitt , John Agosta , Thomas Binford
Normalization and the Representation of Nonmonotonic Knowledge in the Theory of Evidence
Ronald Yager
Now that I Have a Good Theory of Uncertainty, What Else Do I Need?
Piero Bonissone
Plan Recognition in Stories and in Life
Eugene Charniak , Robert Goldman
Positive and Negative Explanations of Uncertain Reasoning in the Framework of Possibility Theory
Henri Farrency , Henri Prade
Shootout-89: A Comparative Evaluation of Knowledge-based Systems that Forecast Severe Weather
W. Moninger , J. Flueck , C. Lusk , W. Roberts
Simulation Approaches to General Probabilistic Inference on Belief Networks
Ross Shachter , Mark Peot
Strategies for Generating Micro Explanations for Bayesian Belief Networks
Peter Sember , Ingrid Zukerman
Temporal Reasoning with Probabilities
Carlo Berzuini , Riccardo Bellazzi , Silvana Quaglini
The Compilation of Decision Models
David Heckerman , John Breese , Eric Horvitz
The Effects of Perfect and Sample Information on Fuzzy Utilities in Decision-Making
Maria Gil , Pramod Jain
The Relationship between Knowledge, Belief and Certainty
Joseph Halpern
Uncertainty and Incompleteness
Piero Bonissone , David Cyrluk , James Goodwin , Jonathan Stillman
Weighing and Integrating Evidence for Stochastic Simulation in Bayesian Networks
Robert Fung , Kuo-Chu Chang
When Should a Decision Maker Ignore the Advice of a Decision Aid?
Paul Lehner , Theresa Mullin , Marvin Cohen

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