Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Thirtieth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 2014 )
July 23- 27 2014, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Edited By:
Nevin Zhang, Jin Tian
Published By: AUAI Press, Corvallis, Oregon
ISBN: 978-0-9749039-1-0

A Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Spectral Estimation of Metastable Systems
Hao Wu
A Consistent Estimator of the Expected Gradient Outerproduct
Shubhendu Trivedi , Jialei Wang , Samory Kpotufe , Gregory Shakhnarovich
A Hierarchical Switching Linear Dynamical System Applied to the Detection of Sepsis in Neonatal Condition Monitoring
Ioan Stanculescu , Christopher Williams , Yvonne Freer
A Permutation-Based Kernel Conditional Independence Test
Gary Doran , Krikamol Muandet , Kun Zhang , Bernhard Schoelkopf
A Spectral Algorithm for Learning Class-Based n-gram Models of Natural Language
Karl Stratos , Do-kyum Kim , Michael Collins , Daniel Hsu
A variational approach to stable principal component pursuit
Aleksandr Aravkin , Stephen Becker , Volkan Cevher , Peder Olsen
Accelerating MCMC via Parallel Predictive Prefetching
Elaine Angelino , Eddie Kohler , Amos Waterland , Margo Seltzer , Ryan Adams
Active Learning of Linear Embeddings for Gaussian Processes
Roman Garnett , Michael Osborne , Philipp Hennig
Adaptive Monotone Shrinkage for Regression
Zhuang Ma , Dean Foster , Robert Stine
AND/OR Search for Marginal MAP
Radu Marinescu , Rina Dechter , Alexander Ihler
Annealing Paths for the Evaluation of Topic Models
James Foulds , Padhraic Smyth
Approximate Decentralized Bayesian Inference
Trevor Campbell , Jonathan How
Approximating the Bethe Partition Function
Adrian Weller , Tony Jebara
Asymptotically Exact, Embarrassingly Parallel MCMC
Willie Neiswanger , Chong Wang , Eric Xing
Batch-Mode Active Learning via Error Bound Minimization
Quanquan Gu , Tong Zhang , Jiawei Han
Bayesian Filtering with Online Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
Yali Wang , Marcus Brubaker , Brahim Chaib-draa , Raquel Urtasun
Bayesian Inference in Treewidth-Bounded Graphical Models Without Indegree Constraints
Daniel Rosenkrantz , Madhav Marathe , S. Ravi , Anil Vullikanti
Bayesian Interactive Decision Support for Multi-Attribute Problems with Even Swaps
Debarun Bhattacharjya , Jeffrey Kephart
Bayesian Optimization with Unknown Constraints
Michael Gelbart , Jasper Snoek , Ryan Adams
Belief-Kinematics Jeffrey‚??s Rules in the Theory of Evidence
Chunlai Zhou , Mingyue Wang , Biao Qin
Bisimulation Metrics are Optimal Value Functions
Norman Ferns , Doina Precup
CAN(PLAN)+: Extending the Operational Semantics of the BDI Architecture to deal with Uncertain Information
Kim Bauters , Weiru Liu , Jun Hong , Carles Sierra , Lluis Godo
Closed-form Solutions to a Subclass of Continuous Stochastic Games via Symbolic Dynamic Programming
Shamin Kinathil , Scott Sanner , Nicolas Della Penna
Collaborative Multi-output Gaussian Processes
Trung Nguyen , Edwin Bonilla
Combining predictions from linear models when training and test inputs differ
Thijs van Ommen
Constraint-based Causal Discovery: Conflict Resolution with Answer Set Programming
Antti Hyttinen , Frederick Eberhardt , Matti Jarvisalo
Constructing Separators and Adjustment Sets in Ancestral Graphs
Benito van der Zander , Maciej Liskiewicz , Johannes Textor
Continuously indexed Potts models on unoriented graphs
Landrieu Loic , Guillaume Obozinski
CoRE Kernels
Ping Li
Correlated Compressive Sensing for Networked Data
Tianlin Shi , Da Tang , Liwen Xu , Thomas Moscibroda
Efficient Bayesian Nonparametric Modelling of Structured Point Processes
Tom Gunter , Chris Lloyd , Michael Osborne , Stephen Roberts
Efficient Inference of Gaussian-Process-Modulated Renewal Processes with Application to Medical Event Data
Thomas Lasko
Efficient Regret Bounds for Online Bid Optimisation in Budget-Limited Sponsored Search Auctions
Long Tran-Thanh , Lampros Stavrogiannis , Victor Naroditskiy , Valentin Robu , Nicholas Jennings , Peter Key
Efficient Sparse Recovery via Adaptive Non-Convex Regularizers with Oracle Property
Ming Lin , Rong Jin , Changshui Zhang
Electing the Most Probable Without Eliminating the Irrational: Voting Over Intransitive Domains
Edith Elkind , Nisarg Shah
Estimating Accuracy from Unlabeled Data
Emmanouil Platanios , Avrim Blum , Tom Mitchell
Estimating Causal Effects by Bounding Confounding
Philipp Geiger , Dominik Janzing , Bernhard Schoelkopf
Fast Gaussian Process Posteriors with Product Trees
David Moore , Stuart Russell
Fast Newton methods for the group fused lasso
Matt Wytock , Suvrit Sra , J. Kolter
Fast Ridge Regression with Randomized Principal Component Analysis and Gradient Descent
Yichao Lu , Dean Foster
Finding Optimal Bayesian Network Structures with Constraints Learned from Data
Xiannian Fan , Brandon Malone , Changhe Yuan
Firefly Monte Carlo: Exact MCMC with Subsets of Data
Dougal Maclaurin , Ryan Adams
First-Order Open-Universe POMDPs
Siddharth Srivastava , Stuart Russell , Paul Ruan , Xiang Cheng
Generating structure of latent variable models for nested data
Masakazu Ishihata , Tomoharu Iwata
GPS-ABC: Gaussian Process Surrogate Approximate Bayesian Computation
Edward Meeds , Max Welling
HELM: Highly Efficient Learning of Mixed copula networks
Yaniv Tenzer , Gal Elidan
Improved Densification of One Permutation Hashing
Anshumali Shrivastava , Ping Li
Inference Complexity in Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
Liessman Sturlaugson , John Sheppard
Inferring latent structures via information inequalities
Rafael Chaves , Lukas Luft , Thiago Maciel , David Gross , Dominik Janzing , Bernhard Schoelkopf
Instance Label Prediction by Dirichlet Process Multiple Instance Learning
Melih Kandemir , Fred Hamprecht
Interactive Learning from Unlabeled Instructions
Jonathan Grizou , Inaki Iturrate , Luis Montesano , Pierre-Yves Oudeyer , Manuel Lopes
Iterative Splits of Quadratic Bounds for Scalable Binary Tensor Factorization
Beyza Ermis , Guillaume Bouchard
k-NN Regression on Functional Data with Incomplete Observations
Sashank Reddi , Barnabas Poczos
Latent Kullback Leibler Control for Continuous-State Systems using Probabilistic Graphical Models
Takamitsu Matsubara , Vicenc Gomez , Hilbert Kappen
Learning from Point Sets with Observational Bias
Liang Xiong , Jeff Schneider
Learning Partial Policies to Speedup MDP Tree Search
Jervis Pinto , Alan Fern
Learning Peptide-Spectrum Alignment Models for Tandem Mass Spectrometry
John Halloran , Jeff Bilmes , William Noble
Learning to Predict from Crowdsourced Data
Wei Bi , Liwei Wang , James Kwok , Zhuowen Tu
Lifted Message Passing as Reparametrization of Graphical Models
Martin Mladenov , Amir Globerson , Kristian Kersting
Lifted Tree-Reweighted Variational Inference
Hung Bui , Tuyen Huynh , David Sontag
Market Making with Decreasing Utility for Information
Miroslav Dudik , Rafael Frongillo , Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
Markov Network Structure Learning via Ensemble-of-Forests Models
Eirini Arvaniti , Manfred Claassen
Matroid Bandits: Fast Combinatorial Optimization with Learning
Branislav Kveton , Zheng Wen , Azin Ashkan , Hoda Eydgahi , Brian Eriksson
MEMR: A Margin Equipped Monotone Retargeting Framework for Ranking
Sreangsu Acharyya , Joydeep Ghosh
Message Passing for Soft Constraint Dual Decomposition
David Belanger , Alexandre Passos , Sebastian Riedel , Andrew McCallum
Metrics for Probabilistic Geometries
Alessandra Tosi , Soren Hauberg , Alfredo Vellido , Neil Lawrence
Min-d-Occur: Ensuring Future Occurrences in Streaming Sets
Vidit Jain , Sainyam Galhotra
Model Regularization for Stable Sample Rollouts
Erik Talvitie
Modeling Citation Networks Using Latent Random Offsets
Willie Neiswanger , Chong Wang , Qirong Ho , Eric Xing
Monotone Closure of Relaxed Constraints in Submodular Optimization: Connections Between Minimization and Maximization
Rishabh Iyer , Stefanie Jegelka , Jeff Bilmes
Multi-label Image Classification with A Probabilistic Label Enhancement Model
Xin Li , Feipeng Zhao , Yuhong Guo
Near-optimal Adaptive Pool-based Active Learning with General Loss
Nguyen Viet Cuong , Wee Lee , Nan Ye
Nonparametric Clustering with Distance Dependent Hierarchies
Soumya Ghosh , Michalis Raptis , Leonid Sigal , Erik Sudderth
Nuclear Norm Regularized Least Squares Optimization on Grassmannian Manifolds
Yuanyuan Liu , Fanhua Shang , Hong Cheng , James Cheng
Off-policy TD( l) with a true online equivalence
Hado van Hasselt , Rupam Mahmood , Richard Sutton
On Convergence and Optimality of Best-Response Learning with Policy Types in Multiagent Systems
Stefano Albrecht , Subramanian Ramamoorthy
Optimal amortized regret in every interval
Rina Panigrahy , Preyas Popat
Optimal Resource Allocation with Semi-Bandit Feedback
Tor Lattimore , Koby Crammer , Csaba Szepesvari
Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Pitman-Yor Mixture Models
Kumar Dubey , Sinead Williamson , Eric Xing
Position-Aware ListMLE: A Sequential Learning Process for Ranking
Yanyan Lan , Yadong Zhu , Jiafeng Guo , Shuzi Niu , Xueqi Cheng
Quantifying Nonlocal Informativeness in High-Dimensional, Loopy Gaussian Graphical Models
Daniel Levine , Jonathan How
Recursive Best-First AND/OR Search for Optimization in Graphical Models
Akihiro Kishomoto , Radu Marinescu
Saturated Conditional Independence with Fixed and Undetermined Sets of Incomplete Random Variables
Henning Koehler , Sebastian Link
Sequential Bayesian Optimisation for Spatial-Temporal Monitoring
Roman Marchant , Fabio Ramos , Scott Sanner
Sequential Model-Based Ensemble Optimization
Alexandre Lacoste , Hugo Larochelle , Mario Marchand , Francois Laviolette
SPPM: Sparse Privacy Preserving Mappings
Salman Salamatian , Nadia Fawaz , Branislav Kveton , Nina Taft
Stochastic Discriminative EM
Andres Masegosa
Structured Proportional Jump Processes
Tal El-Hay , Omer Weissbrod , Elad Eban , Maurizio Zazzi , Francesca Incardona
Tightness Results for Local Consistency Relaxations in Continuous MRFs
Yoav Wald , Amir Globerson
Transformation-based Probabilistic Clustering with Supervision
Siddharth Gopal , Yiming Yang
Understanding the Bethe Approximation: When and How can it go Wrong?
Adrian Weller , Kui Tang , Tony Jebara , David Sontag
Understanding the Complexity of Lifted Inference and Asymmetric Weighted Model Counting
Eric Gribkoff , Guy Van den Broeck , Dan Suciu
Universal Convexification via Risk-Aversion
Krishnamurthy Dvijotham , Maryam Fazel , Emanuel Todorov
Venn‚??Abers Predictors
Vladimir Vovk , Ivan Petej

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