Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 2012 )
Aug 14-18 2012, Catalina Island, CA

Edited By:
Nando de Freitas, Kevin Murphy
Published By: AUAI Press, Corvallis, Oregon

A Bayesian Approach to Constraint Based Causal Inference
Tom Claassen , Tom Heskes
A Case Study in Complexity Estimation: Towards Parallel Branch-and-Bound over Graphical Models
Lars Otten , Rina Dechter
A Cluster-Cumulant Expansion at the Fixed Points of Belief Propagation
Max Welling , Andrew Gelfand , Alexander Ihler
A Maximum Likelihood Approach For Selecting Sets of Alternatives
Ariel Procaccia , Sashank Reddi , Nisarg Shah
A Model-Based Approach to Rounding in Spectral Clustering
Leonard Poon , April Liu , Tengfei Liu , Nevin Zhang
A Slice Sampler for Restricted Hierarchical Beta Process with Applications to Shared Subspace Learning
Sunil Gupta , Dinh Phung , Svetha Venkatesh
A Spectral Algorithm for Latent Junction Trees
Ankur Parikh , Le Song , Mariya Ishteva , Gabi Teodoru , Eric Xing
A Theory of Goal-Oriented MDPs with Dead Ends
Andrey Kolobov , Mausam , Daniel Weld
Active Imitation Learning via Reduction to I.I.D. Active Learning
Kshitij Judah , Alan Fern , Thomas Dietterich
Active Learning with Distributional Estimates
Jens Roeder , Boaz Nadler , Kevin Kunzmann , Fred Hamprecht
Algorithms for Approximate Minimization of the Difference Between Submodular Functions, with Applications
Rishabh Iyer , Jeff Bilmes
An Approximate Solution Method for Large Risk-Averse Markov Decision Processes
Marek Petrik , Dharmashankar Subramanian
An Efficient Message-Passing Algorithm for the M-Best MAP Problem
Dhruv Batra
An Improved Admissible Heuristic for Learning Optimal Bayesian Networks
Changhe Yuan , Brandon Malone
Bayesian Structure Learning for Markov Random Fields with a Spike and Slab Prior
Yutian Chen , Max Welling
Bayesian Vote Manipulation: Optimal Strategies and Impact on Welfare
Tyler Lu , Pingzhong Tang , Ariel Procaccia , Craig Boutilier
Belief Propagation for Structured Decision Making
Qiang Liu , Alexander Ihler
Budget Optimization for Sponsored Search: Censored Learning in MDPs
Kareem Amin , Michael Kearns , Peter Key , Anton Schwaighofer
Causal Discovery of Linear Cyclic Models from Multiple Experimental Data Sets with Overlapping Variables
Antti Hyttinen , Frederick Eberhardt , Patrik Hoyer
Causal Inference by Surrogate Experiments: z-Identifiability
Elias Bareinboim , Judea Pearl
Closed-Form Learning of Markov Networks from Dependency Networks
Daniel Lowd
Combining local search techniques and path following for bimatrix games
Nicola Gatti , Giorgio Patrini , Marco Rocco , Tuomas Sandholm
Computing Optimal Security Strategies for Interdependent Assets
Joshua Letchford , Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
Crowdsourcing Control: Moving Beyond Multiple Choice
Christopher Lin , Mausam , Daniel Weld
DBN-Based Combinatorial Resampling for Articulated Object Tracking
Severine Dubuisson , Christophe Gonzales , Xuan Son NGuyen
Decentralized Data Fusion and Active Sensing with Mobile Sensors for Modeling and Predicting Spatiotemporal Traffic Phenomena
Jie Chen , Kian Hsiang Low , Colin Keng-Yan Tan , Ali Oran , Patrick Jaillet , John Dolan , Gaurav Sukhatme
Designing Informative Securities
Yiling Chen , Mike Ruberry , Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
Detecting Change-Points in Time Series by Maximum Mean Discrepancy of Ordinal Pattern Distributions
Mathieu Sinn , Ali Ghodsi , Karsten Keller
Deterministic MDPs with Adversarial Rewards and Bandit Feedback
Raman Arora , Ofer Dekel , Ambuj Tewari
Dynamic Stochastic Orienteering Problems for Risk-Aware Applications
Hoong Chuin Lau , William Yeoh , Pradeep Varakantham , Duc Thien Nguyen , Huaxing Chen
Dynamic Teaching in Sequential Decision Making Environments
Thomas Walsh , Sergiu Goschin
Efficient MRF Energy Minimization via Adaptive Diminishing Smoothing
Bogdan Savchynskyy , Stefan Schmidt , Joerg Kappes , Christoph Schnoerr
Efficiently Searching for Frustrated Cycles in MAP Inference
David Sontag , Do Kook Choe , Yitao Li
Exploiting compositionality to explore a large space of model structures
Roger Grosse , Ruslan Salakhutdinov , William Freeman , Joshua Tenenbaum
Exploiting Structure in Cooperative Bayesian Games
Frans Oliehoek , Shimon Whiteson , Matthijs Spaan
Exploiting Uniform Assignments in First-Order MPE
Udi Apsel , Ronen Brafman
Factorized Multi-Modal Topic Model
Seppo Virtanen , Yangqing Jia , Arto Klami , Trevor Darrell
Fast Exact Inference for Recursive Cardinality Models
Daniel Tarlow , Kevin Swersky , Richard Zemel , Ryan Adams , Brendan Frey
Fast Graph Construction Using Auction Algorithm
Jun Wang , Yinglong Xia
FHHOP: A Factored Hybrid Heuristic Online Planning Algorithm for Large POMDPs
Zhongzhang Zhang , Xiaoping Chen
From imprecise probability assessments to conditional probabilities with quasi additive classes of conditioning events
Giuseppe Sanfilippo
Generalized Belief Propagation on Tree Robust Structured Region Graphs
Andrew Gelfand , Max Welling
Graph-Coupled HMMs for Modeling the Spread of Infection
Wen Dong , Alex Pentland , Katherine Heller
Graphical-model Based Multiple Testing under Dependence, with Applications to Genome-wide Association Studies
Jie Liu , Chunming Zhang , Catherine McCarty , Peggy Peissig , Elizabeth Burnside , David Page
Guess Who Rated This Movie: Identifying Users Through Subspace Clustering
Amy Zhang , Nadia Fawaz , Stratis Ioannidis , Andrea Montanari
Heuristic Ranking in Tightly Coupled Probabilistic Description Logics
Thomas Lukasiewicz , Maria Martinez , Giorgio Orsi , Gerardo Simari
Hilbert Space Embeddings of POMDPs
Yu Nishiyama , Abdeslam Boularias , Arthur Gretton , Kenji Fukumizu
Hokusai - Sketching Streams in Real Time
Sergiy Matusevych , Alex Smola , Amr Ahmed
Incentive Decision Processes
Sashank Reddi , Emma Brunskill
Inferring Strategies from Limited Reconnaissance in Real-time Strategy Games
Jesse Hostetler , Ethan Dereszynski , Thomas Dietterich , Alan Fern
Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation for Bayesian Nonparametric Phylodynamics
Julia Palacios , Vladimir Minin
Interdependent Defense Games: Modeling Interdependent Security under Deliberate Attacks
Hau Chan , Michael Ceyko , Luis Ortiz
Join-graph based cost-shifting schemes
Alexander Ihler , Natalia Flerova , Rina Dechter , Lars Otten
Latent Composite Likelihood Learning for the Structured Canonical Correlation Model
Ricardo Silva
Latent Dirichlet Allocation Uncovers Spectral Characteristics of Drought Stressed Plants
Mirwaes Wahabzada , Kristian Kersting , Christian Bauckhage , Christoph Roemer , Agim Ballvora , Francisco Pinto , Uwe Rascher , Jens Leon , Lutz Ploemer
Latent Structured Ranking
Jason Weston , John Blitzer
Learning Mixtures of Submodular Shells with Application to Document Summarization
Hui Lin , Jeff Bilmes
Learning STRIPS Operators from Noisy and Incomplete Observations
Kira Mourao , Luke Zettlemoyer , Ronald Petrick , Mark Steedman
Learning to Rank With Bregman Divergences and Monotone Retargeting
Sreangsu Acharyya , Oluwasanmi Koyejo , Joydeep Ghosh
Leveraging Side Observations in Stochastic Bandits
Stephane Caron , Branislav Kveton , Marc Lelarge , Smriti Bhagat
Lifted Relational Variational Inference
Jaesik Choi , Eyal Amir
Lifted Relax, Compensate and then Recover: From Approximate to Exact Lifted Probabilistic Inference
Guy Van den Broeck , Arthur Choi , Adnan Darwiche
Local Structure Discovery in Bayesian Networks
Teppo Niinimaki , Pekka Parviainen
Markov Chains on Orbits of Permutation Groups
Mathias Niepert
Markov Determinantal Point Processes
Raja Affandi , Alex Kulesza , Emily Fox
Mechanism Design for Cost Optimal PAC Learning in the Presence of Strategic Noisy Annotators
Dinesh Garg , Sourangshu Bhattacharya , S. Sundararajan , Shirish Shevade
Multi-objective Influence Diagrams
Radu Marinescu , Abdul Razak , Nic Wilson
Nested Dictionary Learning for Hierarchical Organization of Imagery and Text
Lingbo Li , XianXing Zhang , Mingyuan Zhou , Lawrence Carin
Nested Markov Properties for Acyclic Directed Mixed Graphs
Thomas Richardson , James Robins , Ilya Shpitser
New Advances and Theoretical Insights into EDML
Khaled Refaat , Arthur Choi , Adnan Darwiche
Non-Convex Rank Minimization via an Empirical Bayesian Approach
David Wipf
Optimally-Weighted Herding is Bayesian Quadrature
Ferenc Huszar , David Duvenaud
PAC-Bayesian Inequalities for Martingales
Yevgeny Seldin , Francois Laviolette , Nicolo Cesa-Bianchi , John Shawe-Taylor , Peter Auer
Plackett-Luce regression: A new Bayesian model for polychotomous data
Cedric Archambeau , Francois Caron
Predicting the behavior of interacting humans by fusing data from multiple sources
Erik Schlicht , Ritchie Lee , David Wolpert , Mykel Kochenderfer , Brendan Tracey
Probability and Asset Updating using Bayesian Networks for Combinatorial Prediction Markets
Wei Sun , Robin Hanson , Kathryn Laskey , Charles Twardy
Response Aware Model-Based Collaborative Filtering
Guang Ling , Haiqin Yang , Michael Lyu , Irwin King
Sample-efficient Nonstationary Policy Evaluation for Contextual Bandits
Miroslav Dudik , Dumitru Erhan , John Langford , Lihong Li
Scaling Up Decentralized MDPs Through Heuristic Search
Jilles Dibangoye , Christopher Amato , Arnoud Doniec
Selecting Computations: Theory and Applications
Nicholas Hay , Stuart Russell , David Tolpin , Solomon Shimony
Self-Confirming Price Prediction Strategies for Simultaneous One-Shot Auctions
Michael Wellman , Eric Sodomka , Amy Greenwald
Semantic Understanding of Professional Soccer Commentaries
Hannaneh Hajishirzi , Mohammad Rastegari , Ali Farhadi , Jessica Hodgins
Sparse Q-learning with Mirror Descent
Sridhar Mahadevan , Bo Liu
Spectral Estimation of Conditional Random Graph Models for Large-Scale Network Data
Antonino Freno , Mikaela Keller , Gemma Garriga , Marc Tommasi
Spectrum Identification using a Dynamic Bayesian Network Model of Tandem Mass Spectra
Ajit Singh , John Halloran , Jeff Bilmes , Katrin Kirchoff , William Noble
The Complexity of Approximately Solving Influence Diagrams
Denis Maua , Cassio de Campos , Marco Zaffalon
The Do-Calculus Revisited
Judea Pearl
Tightening Fractional Covering Upper Bounds on the Partition Function for High-Order Region Graphs
Tamir Hazan , Jian Peng , Amnon Shashua
Toward Large-Scale Agent Guidance in an Urban Taxi Service
Lucas Agussurja , Hoong Chuin Lau
Uncertain Congestion Games with Assorted Human Agent Populations
Asrar Ahmed , Pradeep Varakantham , Shih-Fen Cheng
Uniform Solution Sampling Using a Constraint Solver As an Oracle
Stefano Ermon , Carla Gomes , Bart Selman
Unsupervised Joint Alignment and Clustering using Bayesian Nonparametrics
Marwan Mattar , Allen Hanson , Erik Learned-Miller
Value Function Approximation in Noisy Environments Using Locally Smoothed Regularized Approximate Linear Programs
Gavin Taylor , Ron Parr
Variational Dual-Tree Framework for Large-Scale Transition Matrix Approximation
Saeed Amizadeh , Bo Thiesson , Milos Hauskrecht
Video In Sentences Out
Andrei Barbu , Alexander Bridge , Zachary Burchill , Dan Coroian , Sven Dickinson , Sanja Fidler , Aaron Michaux , Sam Mussman , Siddharth Narayanaswamy , Dhaval Salvi , Lara Schmidt , Jiangnan Shangguan , Jeffrey Siskind , Jarrell Waggoner , Song Wang , Jinlian Wei , Yifan Yin , Zhiqi Zhang
Weighted Sets of Probabilities and MinimaxWeighted Expected Regret: New Approaches for Representing Uncertainty and Making Decisions
Joseph Halpern , Samantha Leung

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