Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 2009 )
June 18- 21 2009, Montreal, QC, Canada

Edited By:
Jeff Bilmes, Andrew Ng
Published By: AUAI Press, Corvallis, Oregon

A Bayesian Framework for Community Detection Integrating Content and Link
Tianbao Yang , Rong Jin , Yun Chi , Shenghuo Zhu
A Bayesian Sampling Approach to Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
John Asmuth , Lihong Li , Michael Littman , Ali Nouri , David Wingate
A direct method for estimating a causal ordering in a linear non-Gaussian acyclic model
Shohei Shimizu , Aapo Hyvarinen , Yoshinobu Kawahara
A factorization criterion for acyclic directed mixed graphs
Thomas Richardson
A Sampling-Based Approach to Computing Equilibria in Succinct Extensive-Form Games
Miroslav Dudik , Geoffrey Gordon
A Uniqueness Theorem for Clustering
Reza Zadeh , Shai Ben-David
Alternating Projections for Learning with Expectation Constraints
Kedar Bellare , Gregory Druck , Andrew McCallum
Approximate inference on planar graphs using Loop Calculus and Belief Propagation
Vicenc Gomez , Hilbert Kappen , Michael Chertkov
Bayesian Discovery of Linear Acyclic Causal Models
Patrik Hoyer , Antti Hyttinen
Bayesian Multitask Learning with Latent Hierarchies
Hal Daume III
Bisimulation-based Approximate Lifted Inference
Prithviraj Sen , Amol Deshpande , Lise Getoor
BPR: Bayesian Personalized Ranking from Implicit Feedback
Steffen Rendle , Christoph Freudenthaler , Zeno Gantner , Lars Schmidt-Thieme
Censored Exploration and the Dark Pool Problem
Kuzman Ganchev , Michael Kearns , Yuriy Nevmyvaka , Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
Characterizing predictable classes of processes
Daniil Ryabko
Complexity Analysis and Variational Inference for Interpretation-based Probabilistic Description Logic
Fabio Cozman , Rodrigo Polastro
Computing Posterior Probabilities of Structural Features in Bayesian Networks
Jin Tian , Ru He
Conditional Probability Tree Estimation Analysis and Algorithms
Alina Beygelzimer , John Langford , Yuri Lifshits , Gregory Sorkin , Alexander Strehl
Constraint Processing in Lifted Probabilistic Inference
Jacek Kisynski , David Poole
Convergent message passing algorithms - a unifying view
Talya Meltzer , Amir Globerson , Yair Weiss
Convex Coding
David Bradley , J Bagnell
Convexifying the Bethe Free Energy
Ofer Meshi , Ariel Jaimovich , Amir Globerson , Nir Friedman
Correlated Non-Parametric Latent Feature Models
Finale Doshi-Velez , Zoubin Ghahramani
Counting Belief Propagation
Kristian Kersting , Babak Ahmadi , Sriraam Natarajan
Deterministic POMDPs Revisited
Blai Bonet
Distributed Parallel Inference on Large Factor Graphs
Joseph Gonzalez , Yucheng Low , Carlos Guestrin , David O'Hallaron
Domain Knowledge Uncertainty and Probabilistic Parameter Constraints
Yi Mao , Guy Lebanon
Effects of Treatment on the Treated: Identification and Generalization
Ilya Shpitser , Judea Pearl
Exact Structure Discovery in Bayesian Networks with Less Space
Pekka Parviainen , Mikko Koivisto
Exploring compact reinforcement-learning representations with linear regression
Thomas Walsh , Istvan Szita , Carlos Diuk , Michael Littman
First-Order Mixed Integer Linear Programming
Geoffrey Gordon , Sue Ann Hong , Miroslav Dudik
Generating Optimal Plans in Highly-Dynamic Domains
Christian Fritz , Sheila McIlraith
Group Sparse Priors for Covariance Estimation
Benjamin Marlin , Mark Schmidt , Kevin Murphy
Herding Dynamic Weights for Partially Observed Random Field Models
Max Welling
Identifying confounders using additive noise models
Dominik Janzing , Jonas Peters , Joris Mooij , Bernhard Schoelkopf
Improved Mean and Variance Approximations for Belief Net Responses via Network Doubling
Peter Hooper , Yasin Abbasi-Yadkori , Russell Greiner , Bret Hoehn
Improving Compressed Counting
Ping Li
Interpretation and Generalization of Score Matching
Siwei Lyu
L2 Regularization for Learning Kernels
Corinna Cortes , Mehryar Mohri , Afshin Rostamizadeh
Learning Continuous-Time Social Network Dynamics
Yu Fan , Christian Shelton
Logical Inference Algorithms and Matrix Representations for Probabilistic Conditional Independence
Mathias Niepert
Lower Bound Bayesian Networks - An Efficient Inference of Lower Bounds on Probability Distributions in Bayesian Networks
Daniel Andrade , Bernhard Sick
MAP Estimation of Semi-Metric MRFs via Hierarchical Graph Cuts
M. Kumar , Daphne Koller
MAP Estimation, Message Passing, and Perfect Graphs
Tony Jebara
Mean Field Variational Approximation for Continuous-Time Bayesian Networks
Ido Cohn , Tal El-Hay , Nir Friedman , Raz Kupferman
Measuring Inconsistency in Probabilistic Knowledge Bases
Matthias Thimm
Modeling Discrete Interventional Data using Directed Cyclic Graphical Models
Mark Schmidt , Kevin Murphy
Monolingual Probabilistic Programming Using Generalized Coroutines
Oleg Kiselyov , Chung-chieh Shan
Most Relevant Explanation: Properties, Algorithms, and Evaluations
Changhe Yuan , Xiaolu Liu , Tsai-Ching Lu , Heejin Lim
Multi-Task Feature Learning Via Efficient l2,1-Norm Minimization
Jun Liu , Shuiwang Ji , Jieping Ye
Multilingual Topic Models for Unaligned Text
Jordan Boyd-Graber , David Blei
Multiple Source Adaptation and the Renyi Divergence
Yishay Mansour , Mehryar Mohri , Afshin Rostamizadeh
New inference strategies for solving Markov Decision Processes using reversible jump MCMC
Matthias Hoffman , Hendrik Kueck , Nando de Freitas , Arnaud Doucet
On Maximum a Posteriori Estimation of Hidden Markov Processes
Armen Allahveryan , Aram Galstyan
On Smoothing and Inference for Topic Models
Arthur Asuncion , Max Welling , Padhraic Smyth , Yee Whye Teh
On the Identifiability of the Post-Nonlinear Causal Model
Kun Zhang , Aapo Hyvarinen
Optimization of Structured Mean Field Objectives
Alexandre Bouchard-Cote , Michael Jordan
Ordinal Boltzmann Machines for Collaborative Filtering
Tran Truyen , Dinh Phung , Svetha Venkatesh
Prediction Markets, Mechanism Design, and Cooperative Game Theory
Vincent Conitzer
Probabilistic Structured Predictors
Shankar Vembu , Thomas Gartner , Mario Boley
Products of Hidden Markov Models: It Takes N>1 to Tango
Graham Taylor , Geoffrey Hinton
Quantifying the Strategyproofness of Mechanisms via Metrics on Payoff Distributions
Benjamin Lubin , David Parkes
Quantum Annealing for Clustering
Kenichi Kurihara , Shu Tanaka , Seiji Miyashita
Quantum Annealing for Variational Bayes Inference
Issei Sato , Kenichi Kurihara , Shu Tanaka , Hiroshi Nakagawa , Seiji Miyashita
REGAL: A Regularization based Algorithm for Reinforcement Learning in Weakly Communicating MDPs
Peter Bartlett , Ambuj Tewari
Regret-based Reward Elicitation for Markov Decision Processes
Kevin Regan , Craig Boutilier
Robust Graphical Modeling with t-Distributions
Michael Finegold , Mathias Drton
Seeing the Forest Despite the Trees: Large Scale Spatial-Temporal Decision Making
Mark Crowley , John Nelson , David Poole
Simulation-Based Game Theoretic Analysis of Keyword Auctions with Low-Dimensional Bidding Strategies
Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
Temporal Action-Graph Games: A New Representation for Dynamic Games
Albert Jiang , Kevin Leyton-Brown , Avi Pfeffer
Temporal-Difference Networks for Dynamical Systems with Continuous Observations and Actions
Christopher Vigorito
The Entire Quantile Path of a Risk-Agnostic SVM Classifier
Jin Yu , S. Vishwanatan , Jian Zhang
The Infinite Latent Events Model
David Wingate , Noah Goodman , Daniel Roy , Joshua Tenenbaum
The Temporal Logic of Causal Structures
Samantha Kleinberg , Bud Mishra
Using the Gene Ontology Hierarchy when Predicting Gene Function
Sara Mostafavi , Quaid Morris
Virtual Vector Machine for Bayesian Online Classification
Thomas Minka , Rongjing Xiang , Yuan (Alan) Qi
Which Spatial Partition Trees are Adaptive to Intrinsic Dimension?
Nakul Verma , Samory Kpotufe , Sanjoy Dasgupta

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