Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 2007 )
July 19--22 2007, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Edited By:
Ron Parr, Linda van der Gaag
Published By: AUAI Press, Corvallis, Oregon
ISBN: 0-9749039-3-0

A Characterization of Markov Equivalence Classes for Directed Acyclic Graphs with Latent Variables
Jiji Zhang
A Criterion for Parameter Identification in Structural Equation Models
Jin Tian
A new parameter Learning Method for Bayesian Networks with Qualitative Influences
Ad Feelders
A Tractable Approach to Finding Closest Truncated-commute-time Neighbors in Large Graphs
Purnamrita Sarkar , Andrew Moore
A Utility Framework for Bounded-Loss Market Makers
Yiling Chen , David Pennock
Accuracy Bounds for Belief Propagation
Alexander Ihler
Analysis of Semi-Supervised Learning with the Yarowsky Algorithm
Gholam Haffari , Anoop Sarkar
AND/OR Multi-Valued Decision Diagrams (AOMDDs) for Weighted Graphical Models
Robert Mateescu , Rina Dechter
Apprenticeship Learning using Inverse Reinforcement Learning and Gradient Methods
Gergely Neu , Csaba Szepesvari
Bandit Algorithms for Tree Search
Pierre-Arnuad Coquelin , Remi Munos
Bayesian Active Distance Metric Learning
Liu Yang , Rong Jin , Rahul Sukthankar
Bayesian structure learning using dynamic programming and MCMC
Daniel Eaton , Kevin Murphy
Best-First AND/OR Search for Most Probable Explanations
Radu Marinescu , Rina Dechter
Causal Bounds and Instruments
Roland Ramsahai
Causal Reasoning in Graphical Time Series Models
Michael Eichler , Vanessa Didelez
Collaborative Filtering and the Missing at Random Assumption
Benjamin Marlin , Richard Zemel , Sam Roweis , Malcolm Slaney
Consensus ranking under the exponential model
Marina Meila , Kapil Phadnis , Arthur Patterson , Jeff Bilmes
Constrained Automated Mechanism Design for Infinite Games of Incomplete Information
Yevgeniy Vorobeychik , Daniel Reeves , Michael Wellman
Convergent Propagation Algorithms via Oriented Trees
Amir Globerson , Tommi Jaakkola
Determining the Number of Non-Spurious Arcs in a Learned DAG Model: Investigation of a Bayesian and a Frequentist Approach
Jennifer Listgarden , David Heckerman
Discovering Patterns in Biological Sequences by Optimal Segmentation
Joseph Bockhorst , Nebojsa Jojic
Evaluating influence diagrams with decision circuits
Debarun Bhattacharjya , Ross Shachter
Evaluation of the Causal Effect of Control Plans in Nonrecursive Structural Equation Models
Manabu Kuroki , Zhihong Cai
Fast Nonparametric Conditional Density Estimation
Michael Holmes , Alexander Gray , Charles Isbell
Generalized Polya Urn for Time-varying Dirichlet Process Mixtures
Francois Caron , Manuel Davy , Arnaud Doucet
Imitation Learning with a Value-Based Prior
Umar Syed , Robert Schapire
Importance Sampling via Variational Optimization
Ydo Wexler , Dan Geiger
Improved Dynamic Schedules for Belief Propagation
Charles Sutton , Andrew McCallum
Improved Memory-Bounded Dynamic Programming for Decentralized POMDPs
Sven Seuken , Shlomo Zilberstein
Large-Flip Importance Sampling
Firas Hamze , Nando de Freitas
Learning Bayesian Network Structure from Correlation-Immune Data
Eric Lantz , Soumya Ray , David Page
Learning Probabilistic Relational Dynamics for Multiple Tasks
Ashwin Deshpande , Brian Milch , Luke Zettlemoyer , Leslie Kaelbling
Learning Selectively Conditioned Forest Structures with Applications to DBNs and Classification
Brian Ziebart , Anind Dey , J Bagnell
Making life better one large system at a time: Challenges for UAI research
Moises Goldszmidt
MAP Estimation, Linear Programming and Belief Propagation with Convex Free Energies
Yair Weiss , Chen Yanover , Talya Meltzer
Markov Logic in Infinite Domains
Parag Singla , Pedro Domingos
Minimax regret based elicitation of generalized additive utilities
Darius Braziunas , Craig Boutilier
Mixture-of-Parents Maximum Entropy Markov Models
David Rosenberg , Dan Klein , Ben Taskar
More-or-Less CP-Networks
Fusun Yaman , Marie desJardins
Node Splitting: A Scheme for Generating Upper Bounds in Bayesian Networks
Arthur Choi , Mark Chavira , Adnan Darwiche
Nonparametric Bayes Pachinko Allocation
Wei Li , David Blei , Andrew McCallum
On Discarding, Caching, and Recalling Samples in Active Learning
Ashish Kapoor , Eric Horvitz
On Sensitivity of the MAP Bayesian Network Structure to the Equivalent Sample Size Parameter
Tomi Silander , Petri Kontkanen , Petri Myllymaki
Optimizing Memory-Bounded Controllers for Decentralized POMDPs
Christopher Amato , Daniel Bernstein , Shlomo Zilberstein
Policy Iteration for Relational MDPs
Chenggang Wang , Roni Khardon
Polynomial Constraints in Causal Bayesian Networks
Changsung Kang , Jin Tian
Probabilistic Models for Anomaly Detection in Remote Sensor Data Streams
Ethan Dereszynski , Thomas Dietterich
Ranking Under Uncertainty
Or Zuk , Liat Ein-Dor , Eytan Domany
Reachability Under Uncertainty
Allen Chang , Eyal Amir
Reading Dependencies from Polytree-Like Bayesian Networks
Jose Pena
Reasoning at the Right Time Granularity
Suchi Saria , Uri Nodelman , Daphne Koller
Search for Choquet-optimal paths under uncertainty
Lucie Galand , Patrice Perny
Shift-Invariance Sparse Coding for Audio Classification
Roger Grosse , Rajat Raina , Helen Kwong , Andrew Ng
Statistical Mechanics of Biological Networks
Marco Ramoni
Statistical Translation, Heat Kernels and Expected Distances
Joshua Dillon , Yi Mao , Guy Lebanon , Jian Zhang
Studies in Lower Bounding Probabilities of Evidence using the Markov Inequality
Vibhav Gogate , Bozhena Bidyuk , Rina Dechter
Survey Propagation Revisited
Lukas Kroc , Ashish Sabharwal , Bart Selman
Template Based Inference in Symmetric Relational Markov Random Fields
Ariel Jaimovich , Ofer Meshi , Nir Friedman
What Counterfactuals Can Be Tested
Ilya Shpitser , Judea Pearl

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