Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 2006 )
July 13- 16 2006, Cambridge, MA, USA

Edited By:
Rina Dechter, Thomas Richardson
Published By: AUAI Press, Arlington, Virginia
ISBN: 0-9749039-2-2

A Bayesian Probability Calculus for Density Matrices
Manfred Warmuth , Dima Kuzmin
A compact, hierarchical Q-function decomposition
Bhaskara Marthi , Stuart Russell , David Andre
A concentration theorem for projections
Sanjoy Dasgupta , Daniel Hsu , Nakul Verma
A new axiomatization for likelihood gambles
Phan Giang
A Non-Parametric Bayesian Method for Inferring Hidden Causes
Frank Wood , Thomas Griffiths , Zoubin Ghahramani
A Self-Supervised Terrain Roughness Estimator for Off-Road Autonomous Driving
David Stavens , Sebastian Thrun
A simple approach for finding the globally optimal Bayesian network structure
Tomi Silander , Petri Myllymaki
A theoretical study of Y structures for causal discovery
Subramani Mani , Peter Spirtes , Gregory Cooper
A Variational Approach for Approximating Bayesian Networks by Edge Deletion
Arthur Choi , Adnan Darwiche
Adjacency-Faithfulness and Conservative Causal Inference
Joseph Ramsey , Jiji Zhang , Peter Spirtes
Advances in exact Bayesian structure discovery in Bayesian networks
Mikko Koivisto
An Efficient Optimal-Equilibrium Algorithm for Two-player Game Trees
Michael Littman , Nishkam Ravi , Arjun Talwar , Martin Zinkevich
An Efficient Triplet-based Algorithm for Evidential Reasoning
Yaxin Bi , Jiwen Guan
An Empirical Comparison of Algorithms for Aggregating Expert Predictions
Varsha Dani , Omid Madani , David Pennock , Sumit Sanghai , Brian Galebach
Approximate Separability for Weak Interaction in Dynamic Systems
Avi Pfeffer
Asymmetric separation for local independence graphs
Vanessa Didelez
Axiomatic Foundations for a Class of Generalized Expected Utility: Algebraic Expected Utility
Paul Weng
Bayesian Inference for Gaussian Mixed Graph Models
Ricardo Silva , Zoubin Ghahramani
Bayesian Multicategory Support Vector Machines
Zhihua Zhang , Michael Jordan
Bayesian Random Fields: The Bethe-Laplace Approximation
Max Welling , Sridevi Parise
Belief Update in CLG Bayesian Networks With Lazy Propagation
Anders Madsen
Chi-square Tests Driven Method for Learning the Structure of Factored MDPs
Thomas Degris , Olivier Sigaud , Pierre-Henri Wuillemin
Continuous Time Markov Networks
Tal El-Hay , Nir Friedman , Daphne Koller , Raz Kupferman
Convex Structure Learning for Bayesian Networks: Polynomial Feature Selection and Approximate Ordering
Yuhong Guo , Dale Schuurmans
Cutset Sampling with Likelihood Weighting
Bozhena Bidyuk , Rina Dechter
Dimension Reduction in Singularly Perturbed Continuous-Time Bayesian Networks
Nir Friedman , Raz Kupferman
Direct and Indirect Effects of Sequential Treatments
Vanessa Didelez , Philip Dawid , Sara Geneletti
Discriminative Learning via Semidefinite Probabilistic Models
Koby Crammer , Amir Globerson
Efficient Selection of Disambiguating Actions for Stereo Vision
Monika Schaeffer , Ron Parr
Faster Gaussian Summation: Theory and Experiment
Dongryeol Lee , Alexander Gray
Fitting Graphical Interaction Models to Multivariate Time Series
Michael Eichler
From influence diagrams to multi-operator cluster DAGs
Cedric Pralet , Thomas Schiex , Gerard Verfaillie
Gene Expression Time Course Clustering with Countably Infinite Hidden Markov Models
Matthew Beal , Praveen Krishnamurthy
General-Purpose MCMC Inference over Relational Structures
Brian Milch , Stuart Russell
Gibbs Sampling for (Coupled) Infinite Mixture Models in the Stick Breaking Representation
Ian Porteous , Alexander Ihler , Padhraic Smyth , Max Welling
Graphical Condition for Identification in recursive SEM
Carlos Brito , Judea Pearl
Identification of Conditional Interventional Distributions
Ilya Shpitser , Judea Pearl
Identifying the Relevant Nodes Without Learning the Model
Jose Pena , Roland Nilsson , Johan Björkegren , Jesper Tegnér
Incremental Model-based Learners With Formal Learning-Time Guarantees
Alexander Strehl , Lihong Li , Michael Littman
Inequality Constraints in Causal Models with Hidden Variables
Changsung Kang , Jin Tian
Inference in Hybrid Bayesian Networks Using Mixtures of Gaussians
Prakash Shenoy
Infinite Hidden Relational Models
Zhao Xu , Volker Tresp , Kai Yu , Hans-Peter Kriegel
Linear Algebra Approach to Separable Bayesian Networks
Chalee Asavathiratham
MAIES: A Tool for DNA Mixture Analysis
Robert Cowell , Steffen Lauritzen , Julia Mortera
Matrix Tile Analysis
Inmar Givoni , Vincent Cheung , Brendan Frey
MCMC for doubly-intractable distributions
Iain Murray , Zoubin Ghahramani , David MacKay
Methods for computing state similarity in Markov Decision Processes
Norman Ferns , Pablo Castro , Doina Precup , Prakash Panangaden
Non-Minimal Triangulations for Mixed Stochastic/Deterministic Graphical Models
Chris Bartels , Jeff Bilmes
On the Number of Samples Needed to Learn the Correct Structure of a Bayesian Network
Or Zuk , Shiri Margel , Eytan Domany
On the Robustness of Most Probable Explanations
Hei Chan , Adnan Darwiche
Optimal Coordinated Planning Amongst Self-Interested Agents with Private State
Ruggiero Cavallo , David Parkes , Satinder Singh
Pearl's Calculus of Intervention Is Complete
Yimin Huang , Marco Valtorta
Practical Linear Value-approximation Techniques for First-order MDPs
Scott Sanner , Craig Boutilier
Predicting Conditional Quantiles via Reduction to Classification
John Langford , Roberto Oliveira , Bianca Zadrozny
Propagation of Delays in the National Airspace System
Kathryn Laskey , Ning Xu , Chun-Hung Chen
Ranking by Dependence - A Fair Criteria
Harald Steck
Reasoning about Uncertainty in Metric Spaces
Seunghwan Lee
Recognizing Activities and Spatial Context Using Wearable Sensors
Amarnag Subramanya , Alvin Raj , Jeff Bilmes , Dieter Fox
Residual Belief Propagation: Informed Scheduling for Asynchronous Message Passing
Gal Elidan , Ian McGraw , Daphne Koller
Robust Learning Equilibrium
Itai Ashlagi , Dov Monderer , Moshe Tennenholtz
Sensitivity Analysis for Threshold Decision Making with Dynamic Networks
Theodore Charitos , Linda van der Gaag
Sequential Document Representations and Simplicial Curves
Guy Lebanon
Stochastic Optimal Control in Continuous Space-Time Multi-Agent Systems
Wim Wiegerinck , Bart van den Broek , Hilbert Kappen
Stratified Analysis of `Probabilities of Causation'
Manabu Kuroki , Zhihong Cai
Structured Priors for Structure Learning
Vikash Mansinghka , Charles Kemp , Thomas Griffiths , Joshua Tenenbaum
The AI&M Procedure for Learning from Incomplete Data
Manfred Jaeger
Variable noise and dimensionality reduction for sparse Gaussian processes
Edward Snelson , Zoubin Ghahramani
Visualization of Collaborative Data
Guobiao Mei , Christian Shelton

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