Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Twenty-First Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 2005 )
July 26- 29 2005, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edited By:
Fahiem Bacchus, Tommi Jaakkola
Published By: AUAI Press, Arlington, Virginia
ISBN: 0-9749039-1-4

'Say EM' for Selecting Probabilistic Models for Logical Sequences
Kristian Kersting , Tapani Raiko
A Conditional Random Field for Discriminatively-trained Finite-state String Edit Distance
Andrew McCallum , Kedar Bellare , Fernando Pereira
A Differential Semantics of Lazy AR Propagation
Anders Madsen
A Function Approximation Approach to Estimation of Policy Gradient for POMDP with Structured Policies
Huizhen Yu
A Heuristic Search Algorithm for Solving First-Order MDPs
Eldar Karabaev , Olga Skvortsova
A Model for Reasoning with Uncertain Rules in Event Composition Systems
Segev Wasserkrug , Avigdor Gal , Opher Etzion
A Revision-Based Approach to Resolving Conflicting Information
Guilin Qi , Weiru Liu , David Bell
A submodular-supermodular procedure with applications to discriminative structure learning
Mukund Narasimhan , Jeff Bilmes
A Transformational Characterization of Markov Equivalence for Directed Acyclic Graphs with Latent Variables
Jiji Zhang , Peter Spirtes
A unified setting for inference and decision: An argumentation-based approach
Leila Amgoud
An Algorithm for Computing Stochastically Stable Distributions with Applications to Multiagent Learning in Repeated Games
John Wicks , Amy Greenwald
Approximate Inference Algorithms for Hybrid Bayesian Networks with Discrete Constraints
Vibhav Gogate , Rina Dechter
Approximate Linear Programming for First-order MDPs
Scott Sanner , Craig Boutilier
Asynchronous Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Avi Pfeffer , Terry Tai
Bayes Blocks: An Implementation of the Variational Bayesian Building Blocks Framework
Markus Harva , Tapani Raiko , Antti Honkela , Harri Valpola , Juha Karhunen
Bayes' Bluff: Opponent Modelling in Poker
Finnegan Southey , Michael Bowling , Bryce Larson , Carmelo Piccione , Neil Burch , Darse Billings , Chris Rayner
Belief Updating and Learning in Semi-Qualitative Probabilistic Networks
Cassio de Campos , Fabio Cozman
Bounding the Uncertainty of Graphical Games: The Complexity of Simple Requirements, Pareto and Strong Nash Equilibria
Gianluigi Greco , Francesco Scarcello
Common Voting Rules as Maximum Likelihood Estimators
Vincent Conitzer , Tuomas Sandholm
Cost Sensitive Reachability Heuristics for Handling State Uncertainty
Daniel Bryce , Subbarao Kambhampati
Counterexample-guided Planning
Krishnendu Chatterjee , Thomas Henzinger , Ranjit Jhala , Rupak Majumdar
Counterfactual Reasoning in Linear Structural Equation Models
Zhihong Cai , Manabu Kuroki
Description Logics with Fuzzy Concrete Domains
Umberto Straccia
Discovery of non-gaussian linear causal models using ICA
Shohei Shimizu , Aapo Hyvarinen , Yutaka Kano , Patrik Hoyer
Efficient algorithm for estimation of qualitative expected utility in possibilistic case-based reasoning
Jakub Brzostowski , Ryszard Kowalczyk
Efficient Test Selection in Active Diagnosis via Entropy Approximation
Alice Zheng , Irina Rish , Alina Beygelzimer
Evidence with Uncertain Likelihoods
Joseph Halpern , Riccardo Pucella
Existence and Finiteness Conditions for Risk-Sensitive Planning: Results and Conjectures
Yaxin Liu , Sven Koenig
Expectation Maximization and Complex Duration Distributions for Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
Uri Nodelman , Christian Shelton , Daphne Koller
Expectation Propagation for Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
Uri Nodelman , Daphne Koller , Christian Shelton
Exploiting Evidence in Probabilistic Inference
Mark Chavira , David Allen , Adnan Darwiche
Exploiting Evidence-dependent Sensitivity Bounds
Silja Renooij , Linda van der Gaag
Generating Markov Equivalent Maximal Ancestral Graphs by Single Edge Replacement
Jin Tian
Hybrid Bayesian Networks with Linear Deterministic Variables
Barry Cobb , Prakash Shenoy
Importance Sampling in Bayesian Networks: An Influence-Based Approximation Strategy for Importance Functions
Changhe Yuan , Marek Druzdzel
Learning about individuals from group statistics
Hendrik Kuck , Nando de Freitas
Learning Bayesian Network Parameters with Prior Knowledge about Context-Specific Qualitative Influences
Ad Feelders , Linda van der Gaag
Learning Factor Graphs in Polynomial Time & Sample Complexity
Pieter Abbeel , Daphne Koller , Andrew Ng
Learning from Sparse Data by Exploiting Monotonicity Constraints
Eric Altendorf , Angelo Restificar , Thomas Dietterich
Learning to Map Sentences to Logical Form: Structured Classification with Probabilistic Categorial Grammars
Luke Zettlemoyer , Michael Collins
Local Markov Property for Models Satisfying Composition Axiom
Changsung Kang , Jin Tian
Local Utility Elicitation in GAI Models
Darius Braziunas , Craig Boutilier
MAA*: A Heuristic Search Algorithm for Solving Decentralized POMDPs
Daniel Szer , Francois Charpillet , Shlomo Zilberstein
Maximum Margin Bayesian Networks
Yuhong Guo , Dana Wilkinson , Dale Schuurmans
Metrics for Markov Decision Processes with Infinite State Spaces
Norman Ferns , Prakash Panangaden , Doina Precup
Mining Associated Text and Images with Dual-Wing Harmoniums
Eric Xing , Rong Yan , Alexander Hauptmann
Modeling Transportation Routines using Hybrid Dynamic Mixed Networks
Vibhav Gogate , Rina Dechter , Bozhena Bidyuk , Craig Rindt , James Marca
Models for Truthful Online Double Auctions
Jonathan Bredin , David Parkes
Modifying Bayesian Networks by Probability Constraints
Yun Peng , Zhongli Ding
Near-optimal Nonmyopic Value of Information in Graphical Models
Andreas Krause , Carlos Guestrin
Nonparametric Bayesian Logic
Peter Carbonetto , Jacek Kisynski , Nando de Freitas , David Poole
Obtaining Calibrated Probabilities from Boosting
Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil , Richard Caruana
Of Starships and Klingons: Bayesian Logic for the 23rd Century
Kathryn Laskey , Paulo da Costa
On Bayesian Network Approximation by Edge Deletion
Arthur Choi , Hei Chan , Adnan Darwiche
On Privacy-Preserving Histograms
Shuchi Chawla , Cynthia Dwork , Frank McSherry , Kunal Talwar
On the Detection of Concept Changes in Time-Varying Data Stream by Testing Exchangeability
Shen-Shyang Ho , Harry Wechsler
On the Number of Experiments Sufficient and in the Worst Case Necessary to Identify All Causal Relations Among N Variables
Frederick Eberhardt , Clark Glymour , Richard Scheines
On the optimality of tree-reweighted max-product message-passing
Vladimir Kolmogorov , Martin Wainwright
On the Value of Correlation
Itai Ashlagi , Dov Monderer , Moshe Tennenholtz
Ordering-Based Search: A Simple and Effective Algorithm for Learning Bayesian Networks
Marc Teyssier , Daphne Koller
Piecewise Training for Undirected Models
Charles Sutton , Andrew McCallum
Planning in POMDPs Using Multiplicity Automata
Eyal Even-Dar , Sham Kakade , Yishay Mansour
Point-Based POMDP Algorithms: Improved Analysis and Implementation
Trey Smith , Reid Simmons
Prediction, Expectation, and Surprise: Methods, Designs, and Study of a Deployed Traffic Forecasting Service
Eric Horvitz , Johnson Apacible , Raman Sarin , Lin Liao
Predictive Linear-Gaussian Models of Stochastic Dynamical Systems
Matthew Rudary , Satinder Singh , David Wingate
Qualitative Decision Making Under Possibilistic Uncertainty: Toward more discriminating criteria
Paul Weng
Representation Policy Iteration
Sridhar Mahadevan
Robotic Mapping with Polygonal Random Fields
Mark Paskin , Sebastian Thrun
Self-Confirming Price Prediction for Bidding in Simultaneous Ascending Auctions
Anna Osepayshvili , Michael Wellman , Daniel Reeves , Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason
Stable Independence in Perfect Maps
Peter de Waal , Linda van der Gaag
Structured Region Graphs: Morphing EP into GBP
Max Welling , Thomas Minka , Yee Whye Teh
Sufficient conditions for convergence of Loopy Belief Propagation
Joris Mooij , Hilbert Kappen
The DLR Hierarchy of Approximate Inference
Michal Rosen-Zvi , Michael Jordan , Alan Yuille
The Graphical Identification for Total Effects by using Surrogate Variables
Manabu Kuroki , Zhihong Cai , Hiroki Motogaito
The Relationship Between AND/OR Search and Variable Elimination
Robert Mateescu , Rina Dechter
Toward Practical N2 Monte Carlo: the Marginal Particle Filter
Mike Klaas , Nando de Freitas , Arnaud Doucet
Towards Characterizing Markov Equivalence Classes for Directed Acyclic Graphs with Latent Variables
Ayesha Ali , Thomas Richardson , Peter Spirtes , Jiji Zhang
Two-Way Latent Grouping Model for User Preference Prediction
Eerika Savia , Kai Puolamaki , Janne Sinkkonen , Samuel Kaski
Unstructuring User Preferences: Efficient Non-Parametric Utility Revelation
Carmel Domshlak , Thorsten Joachims
Unsupervised Activity Discovery and Characterization From Event-Streams
Rafay Hammid , Siddhartha Maddi , Amos Johnson , Aaron Bobick , Irfan Essa , Charles Isbell
Unsupervised spectral learning
Susan Shortreed , Marina Meila
Use of Dempster-Shafer Conflict Metric to Detect Interpretation Inconsistency
Jennifer Carlson , Robin Murphy

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