Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Twentieth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 2004 )
Jul 7-11 2004, Banff, Canada

Edited By:
Christopher Meek, Joseph Halpern
Published By: AUAI Press, Arlington, Virginia
ISBN: 0-9749039-0-6

"Ideal Parent" Structure Learning for Continuous Variable Networks
Iftach Nachman , Gal Elidan , Nir Friedman
A Bayesian Approach toward Active Learning for Collaborative Filtering
Rong Jin , Luo Si
A Complete Anytime Algorithm for Treewidth
Vibhav Gogate , Rina Dechter
A Generative Bayesian Model for Aggregating Experts' Probabilities
Joseph Kahn
A Hierarchical Graphical Model for Record Linkage
Pradeep Ravikumar , William Cohen
A Logic Programming Framework for Possibilistic Argumentation with Vague Knowledge
Carlos Chesnevar , Guillermo Simari , Teresa Alsinet , Lluis Godo
A New Characterization of Probabilities in Bayesian Networks
Lenhart Schubert
A Unified framework for order-of-magnitude confidence relations
Didier Dubois , Helene Fargier
Active Model Selection
Omid Madani , Daniel Lizotte , Russell Greiner
Algebraic Statistics in Model Selection
Luis Garcia
An Empirical Evaluation of Possible Variations of Lazy Propagation
Anders Madsen
An Extended Cencov-Campbell Characterization of Conditional Information Geometry
Guy Lebanon
An Integrated, Conditional Model of Information Extraction and Coreference with Applications to Citation Matching
Ben Wellner , Andrew McCallum , Fuchun Peng , Michael Hay
Annealed MAP
Changhe Yuan , Tsai-Ching Lu , Marek Druzdzel
Applying Discrete PCA in Data Analysis
Wray Buntine , Aleks Jakulin
ARMA Time-Series Modeling with Graphical Models
Bo Thiesson , David Chickering , David Heckerman , Christopher Meek
Bayesian Biosurveillance of Disease Outbreaks
Gregory Cooper , Denver Dash , John Levander , Weng-Keen Wong , William Hogan , Michael Wagner
Bayesian Learning in Undirected Graphical Models: Approximate MCMC algorithms
Iain Murray , Zoubin Ghahramani
Bidding under Uncertainty: Theory and Experiments
Amy Greenwald , Justin Boyan
Blind Construction of Optimal Nonlinear Recursive Predictors for Discrete Sequences
Cosma Shalizi , Kristina Klinkner
Case-Factor Diagrams for Structured Probabilistic Modeling
David McAllester , Michael Collins , Fernando Pereira
Compact Value-Function Representations for Qualitative Preferences
Ronen Brafman , Carmel Domshlak , Tanya Kogan
Computing Best-Response Strategies in Infinite Games of Incomplete Information
Daniel Reeves , Michael Wellman
Computing Nash Equilibria of Action-Graph Games
Navin Bhat , Kevin Leyton-Brown
Conditional Chow-Liu Tree Structures for Modeling Discrete-Valued Vector Time Series
Sergey Kirshner , Padhraic Smyth , Andrew Robertson
Convergence and asymptotic normality of variational Bayesian approximations for exponential family models with missing values
Bo Wang , D. Titterington
Convolutional Factor Graphs as Probabilistic Models
Yongyi Mao , Frank Kschischang , Brendan Frey
Decision Making for Symbolic Probability
Phan Giang , Sathyakama Sandilya
Dependent Dirichlet Priors and Optimal Linear Estimators for Belief Net Parameters
Peter Hooper
Discretized Approximations for POMDP with Average Cost
Huizhen Yu , Dimitri Bertsekas
Dynamic Programming for Structured Continuous Markov Decision Problems
Zhengzhu Feng , Richard Dearden , Nicolas Meuleau , Richard Washington
Dynamical Systems Trees
Andrew Howard , Tony Jebara
Evidence-invariant Sensitivity Bounds
Silja Renooij , Linda van der Gaag
Exploiting First-Order Regression in Inductive Policy Selection
Charles Gretton , Sylvie Thiebaux
Exponential Families for Conditional Random Fields
Yasemin Altun , Alex Smola , Thomas Hofmann
Factored Latent Analysis for far-field tracking data
Chris Stauffer
From Fields to Trees
Firas Hamze , Nando de Freitas
Graph partition strategies for generalized mean field inference
Eric Xing , Michael Jordan , Stuart Russell
Heuristic Search Value Iteration for POMDPs
Trey Smith , Reid Simmons
Hybrid Influence Diagrams Using Mixtures of Truncated Exponentials
Barry Cobb , Prakash Shenoy
Identifying Conditional Causal Effects
Jin Tian
Iterative Conditional Fitting for Gaussian Ancestral Graph Models
Mathias Drton , Thomas Richardson
Joint discovery of haplotype blocks and complex trait associations from SNP sequences
Nebojsa Jojic , Vladimir Jojic , David Heckerman
Learning Diagnostic Policies from Examples by Systematic Search
Valentina Bayer-Zubek
Linear Contour Learning: A Method for Supervised Dimension Reduction
Bing Li , Hongyuan Zha , Francesca Chiaromonte
Maximum Entropy for Collaborative Filtering
Lawrence Zitnick , Takeo Kanade
Metrics for Finite Markov Decision Processes
Norman Ferns , Prakash Panangaden , Doina Precup
Mixtures of Deterministic-Probabilistic Networks and their AND/OR Search Space
Rina Dechter , Robert Mateescu
MOB-ESP and other Improvements in Probability Estimation
Rodney Nielsen
Modeling Waveform Shapes with Random Eects Segmental Hidden Markov Models
Seyoung Kim , Padhraic Smyth , Stefan Luther
Monotonicity in Bayesian Networks
Linda van der Gaag , Hans Bodlaender , Ad Feelders
On finding minimal w-cutset
Bozhena Bidyuk , Rina Dechter
On Modeling Profiles instead of Values
Alon Orlitsky , Narayana Santhanam , Krishnamurthy Viswanathan , Junan Zhang
On the Choice of Regions for Generalized Belief Propagation
Max Welling
On-line Prediction with Kernels and the Complexity Approximation Principle
Alex Gammerman , Yuri Kalnishkan , Vladimir Vovk
PAC-learning bounded tree-width Graphical Models
Mukund Narasimhan , Jeff Bilmes
Pre-Selection of Independent Binary Features: An Application to Diagnosing Scrapie in Sheep
Ludmila Kuncheva , C. Whitaker , P. Cockcroft , Z. Hoare
Predictive State Representations: A New Theory for Modeling Dynamical Systems
Satinder Singh , Michael James , Matthew Rudary
Probabilistic index maps for modeling natural signals
Nebojsa Jojic , Yaron Caspi , Manuel Reyes-Gomez
Propositional and Relational Bayesian Networks Associated with Imprecise and Qualitative Probabilistic Assesments
Fabio Cozman , Cassio de Campos , Jaime Ide , Jose Ferreira da Rocha
Recovering Articulated Object Models from 3D Range Data
Dragomir Anguelov , Daphne Koller , Hoi-Cheung Pang , Praveen Srinivasan , Sebastian Thrun
Region-Based Incremental Pruning for POMDPs
Zhengzhu Feng , Shlomo Zilberstein
Regret Minimizing Equilibria and Mechanisms for Games with Strict Type Uncertainty
Nathanael Hyafil , Craig Boutilier
Reputation Systems: An Axiomatic Approach
Moshe Tennenholtz
Robust Probabilistic Inference in Distributed Systems
Mark Paskin , Carlos Guestrin
Robustness of Causal Claims
Judea Pearl
Selection of Identifiability Criteria for Total Effects by using Path Diagrams
Manabu Kuroki , Zhihong Cai
Sensitivity Analysis in Bayesian Networks: From Single to Multiple Parameters
Hei Chan , Adnan Darwiche
Sequential Information Elicitation in Multi-Agent Systems
Rann Smorodinsky , Moshe Tennenholtz
Similarity-Driven Cluster Merging Method for Unsupervised Fuzzy Clustering
Xuejian Xiong , Kap Chan , Kian Lee Tan
Solving Factored MDPs with Continuous and Discrete Variables
Carlos Guestrin , Milos Hauskrecht , Branislav Kveton
Stable Independance and Complexity of Representation
Peter de Waal , Linda van der Gaag
The Author-Topic Model for Authors and Documents
Michal Rosen-Zvi , Thomas Griffiths , Mark Steyvers , Padhraic Smyth
The Minimum Information Principle for Discriminative Learning
Amir Globerson , Naftali Tishby
Using arguments for making decisions: A possibilistic logic approach
Leila Amgoud , Henri Prade
Variational Chernoff Bounds for Graphical Models
Pradeep Ravikumar , John Lafferty
When Ignorance is Bliss
Peter Grunwald , Joseph Halpern

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