Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Nineteenth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 2003 )
Aug 7-10 2003, Acapulco, Mexico

Edited By:
Christopher Meek, Uffe Kjærulff
Published By: Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA
ISBN: 0-127-05664-5

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Shyong (Tony) Lam , David Pennock , Dan Cosley , Steve Lawrence
A Distance-Based Branch and Bound Feature Selection Algorithm
Ari Frank , Dan Geiger , Zohar Yakhini
A Generalized Mean Field Algorithm for Variational Inference in Exponential Families
Eric Xing , Michael Jordan , Stuart Russell
A Linear Belief Function Approach to Portfolio Evaluation
Liping Liu , Catherine Shenoy , Prakash Shenoy
A Logic for Reasoning about Evidence
Joseph Halpern , Riccardo Pucella
A New Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Gaussian Graphical Models for Marginal Independence
Mathias Drton , Thomas Richardson
A possibilistic handling of partially ordered information
Salem Benferhat , Sylvain Lagrue , Odile Papini
A Robust Independence Test for Constraint-Based Learning of Causal Structure
Denver Dash , Marek Druzdzel
A Simple Insight into Iterative Belief Propagation's Success
Rina Dechter , Robert Mateescu
Active Collaborative Filtering
Craig Boutilier , Richard Zemel , Benjamin Marlin
An Axiomatic Approach to Robustness in Search Problems with Multiple Scenarios
Patrice Perny , Olivier Spanjaard
An Empirical Study of w-Cutset Sampling for Bayesian Networks
Bozhena Bidyuk , Rina Dechter
An Importance Sampling Algorithm Based on Evidence Pre-propagation
Changhe Yuan , Marek Druzdzel
Approximate Decomposition: A Method for Bounding and Estimating Probabilistic and Deterministic Queries
David Larkin
Approximate Inference and Constrained Optimization
Tom Heskes , Kees Albers , Hilbert Kappen
Automated Analytic Asymptotic Evaluation of the Marginal Likelihood for Latent Models
Dmitry Rusakov , Dan Geiger
Bayesian Hierarchical Mixtures of Experts
Christopher Bishop , Markus Svensen
Boltzmann Machine Learning with the Latent Maximum Entropy Principle
Shaojun Wang , Dale Schuurmans , Fuchun Peng , Yunxin Zhao
Budgeted Learning of Naive-Bayes Classifiers
Daniel Lizotte , Omid Madani , Russell Greiner
CLP(BN): Constraint Logic Programming for Probabilistic Knowledge
Vitor Santos Costa , David Page , Maleeha Qazi , James Cussens
Collaborative Ensemble Learning: Combining Collaborative and Content-Based Information Filtering via Hierarchical Bayes
Kai Yu , Anton Schwaighofer , Volker Tresp , Wei-Ying Ma , HongJiang Zhang
Cooperative Negotiation in Autonomic Systems using Incremental Utility Elicitation
Craig Boutilier , Rajarshi Das , Jeffrey Kephart , Gerald Tesauro , William Walsh
Dealing with uncertainty in fuzzy inductive reasoning methodology
Francisco Mugica , Angela Nebot , Pilar Gomez
Decentralized Sensor Fusion With Distributed Particle Filters
Matthew Rosencrantz , Geoffrey Gordon , Sebastian Thrun
Decision Making with Partially Consonant Belief Functions
Phan Giang , Prakash Shenoy
Efficient Gradient Estimation for Motor Control Learning
Gregory Lawrence , Noah Cowan , Stuart Russell
Efficient Inference in Large Discrete Domains
Rita Sharma , David Poole
Efficient Parametric Projection Pursuit Density Estimation
Max Welling , Richard Zemel , Geoffrey Hinton
Efficiently Inducing Features of Conditional Random Fields
Andrew McCallum
Exploiting Locality in Searching the Web
Joel Young , Thomas Dean
Extending Factor Graphs so as to Unify Directed and Undirected Graphical Models
Brendan Frey
Implementation and Comparison of Solution Methods for Decision Processes with Non-Markovian Rewards
Charles Gretton , David Price , Sylvie Thiebaux
Incremental Compilation of Bayesian networks
Julia Flores , Jose Gamez , Kristian Olesen
Inference in Polytrees with Sets of Probabilities
Jose Ferreira da Rocha , Fabio Cozman , Cassio de Campos
Large-Sample Learning of Bayesian Networks is NP-Hard
David Chickering , Christopher Meek , David Heckerman
LAYERWIDTH: Analysis of a New Metric for Directed Acyclic Graphs
Mark Hopkins
Learning Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
Uri Nodelman , Christian Shelton , Daphne Koller
Learning Generative Models of Similarity Matrices
Romer Rosales , Brendan Frey
Learning Measurement Models for Unobserved Variables
Ricardo Silva , Richard Scheines , Clark Glymour , Peter Spirtes
Learning Module Networks
Eran Segal , Dana Pe'er , Aviv Regev , Daphne Koller , Nir Friedman
Learning Riemannian Metrics
Guy Lebanon
Locally Weighted Naive Bayes
Eibe Frank , Mark Hall , Bernhard Pfahringer
Loopy Belief Propagation as a Basis for Communication in Sensor Networks
Christopher Crick , Avi Pfeffer
Marginalizing Out Future Passengers in Group Elevator Control
Daniel Nikovski , Matthew Brand
Markov Random Walk Representations with Continuous Distributions
Chen-Hsiang Yeang , Martin Szummer
Monte Carlo Matrix Inversion Policy Evaluation
Fletcher Lu , Dale Schuurmans
Monte-Carlo optimizations for resource allocation problems in stochastic network systems
Milos Hauskrecht , Tomas Singliar
New Advances in Inference by Recursive Conditioning
David Allen , Adnan Darwiche
On Information Regularization
Adrian Corduneanu , Tommi Jaakkola
On Local Optima in Learning Bayesian Networks
Jens Nielsen , Tomas Kocka , Jose Pena
On revising fuzzy belief bases
Richard Booth , Eva Richter
On the Convergence of Bound Optimization Algorithms
Ruslan Salakhutdinov , Sam Roweis , Zoubin Ghahramani
On Triangulating Dynamic Graphical Models
Jeff Bilmes , Chris Bartels
Optimal Limited Contingency Planning
Nicolas Meuleau , David Smith
Parametric Dependability Analysis through Probabilistic Horn Abduction
Andrea Bobbio , Stefania Montani , Luigi Portinale
Phase Transition of Tractability in Constraint Satisfaction and Bayesian Network Inference
Yong Gao
Policy-contingent abstraction for robust robot control
Joelle Pineau , Geoffrey Gordon , Sebastian Thrun
Practically Perfect
Christopher Meek , David Chickering
Preference-based Graphic Models for Collaborative Filtering
Rong Jin , Luo Si , ChengXiang Zhai
Probabilistic models for joint clustering and time-warping of multidimensional curves
Darya Chudova , Scott Gaffney , Padhraic Smyth
Probabilistic Reasoning about Actions in Nonmonotonic Causal Theories
Thomas Eiter , Thomas Lukasiewicz
Reasoning about Bayesian Network Classifiers
Hei Chan , Adnan Darwiche
Renewal Strings for Cleaning Astronomical Databases
Amos Storkey , Nigel Hambly , Christopher Williams , Robert Mann
Solving MAP Exactly using Systematic Search
James Park , Adnan Darwiche
Stochastic complexity of Bayesian networks
Keisuke Yamazaki , Sumio Watanbe
Strong Faithfulness and Uniform Consistency in Causal Inference
Jiji Zhang , Peter Spirtes
Structure-Based Causes and Explanations in the Independent Choice Logic
Alberto Finzi , Thomas Lukasiewicz
Sufficient Dimensionality Reduction with Irrelevant Statistics
Amir Globerson , Gal Chechik , Naftali Tishby
Symbolic Generalization for On-line Planning
Zhengzhu Feng , Eric Hansen , Shlomo Zilberstein
Systematic vs. Non-systematic Algorithms for Solving the MPE Task
Radu Marinescu , Kalev Kask , Rina Dechter
The Information Bottleneck EM Algorithm
Gal Elidan , Nir Friedman
The Revisiting Problem in Mobile Robot Map Building: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
Benjamin Stewart , Jonathan Ko , Dieter Fox , Kurt Konolige
Updating with incomplete observations
Gert de Cooman , Marco Zaffalon
Upgrading Ambiguous Signs in QPNs
Janneke Bolt , Silja Renooij , Linda van der Gaag
Using the structure of d-connecting paths as a qualitative measure of the strength of dependence
Sanjay Chaudhari , Thomas Richardson
Value Elimination: Bayesian Inference via Backtracking Search
Fahiem Bacchus , Shannon Dalmao , Toniann Pitassi
Web-Based Question Answering: A Decision-Making Perspective
David Azari , Eric Horvitz , Susan Dumais , Eric Brill

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