Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1999 )
Jul 30- 1 1999, Stockholm, Sweden

Edited By:
Kathryn Laskey, Henri Prade
Published By: Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA
ISBN: 1-55860-614-9

A Bayesian Network Classifier that Combines a Finite Mixture Model and a Naive Bayes Model
Stefano Monti , Gregory Cooper
A General Algorithm for Approximate Inference and its Application to Hybrid Bayes Nets
Daphne Koller , Uri Lerner , Dragomir Anguelov
A Hybrid Anytime Algorithm for the Constructiion of Causal Models From Sparse Data
Denver Dash , Marek Druzdzel
A Hybrid Approach to Reasoning with Partially Elicited Preference Models
Vu Ha , Peter Haddawy
A Method for Speeding Up Value Iteration in Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Nevin Zhang , Stephen Lee , Weihong Zhang
A New Model of Plan Recognition
Robert Goldman , Christopher Geib , Christopher Miller
A Possibilistic Model for Qualitative Sequential Decision Problems under Uncertainty in Partially Observable Environments
Regis Sabbadin
A Temporal Bayesian Network for Diagnosis and Prediction
Gustavo Arroyo-Figueroa , Luis Sucar
A Variational Approximation for Bayesian Networks with Discrete and Continuous Latent Variables
Kevin Murphy
Accelerating EM: An Empirical Study
Luis Ortiz , Leslie Kaelbling
An Application of Uncertain Reasoning to Requirements Engineering
Philip Barry , Kathryn Laskey
An Update Semantics for Defeasible Obligations
Leendert van der Torre , Yao-Hua Tan
Approximate Learning in Complex Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Raffaella Settimi , Jim Smith , A. Gargoum
Approximate Planning for Factored POMDPs using Belief State Simplification
David McAllester , Satinder Singh
Artificial Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Intelligent Buildings
Magnus Boman , Paul Davidsson , Hakan Younes
Assessing the value of a candidate. Comparing belief function and possibility theories
Didier Dubois , Michel Grabisch , Henri Prade , Philippe Smets
Attention-Sensitive Alerting
Eric Horvitz , Andy Jacobs , David Hovel
Bayes Nets in Educational Assessment: Where Do the Numbers Come From?
Robert Mislevy , Russell Almond , Duanli Yan , Linda Steinberg
Bayesian Control for Concentrating Mixed Nuclear Waste
Robert Welch , Clayton Smith
Bayesian Networks for Dependability Analysis: an Application to Digital Control Reliability
Luigi Portinale , Andrea Bobbio
Bayesian Poker
Kevin Korb , Ann Nicholson , Nathalie Jitnah
Causal Discovery from a Mixture of Experimental and Observational Data
Gregory Cooper , Changwon Yoo
Choosing Among Interpretations of Probability
Henry Kyburg Jr. , Choh Teng
Comparing Bayesian Network Classifiers
Jie Cheng , Russell Greiner
Contextual Weak Independence in Bayesian Networks
Michael Wong , C. Butz
Continuous Value Function Approximation for Sequential Bidding Policies
Craig Boutilier , Moises Goldszmidt , Bikash Sabata
Data Analysis with Bayesian Networks: A Bootstrap Approach
Nir Friedman , Moises Goldszmidt , Abraham Wyner
Discovering the Hidden Structure of Complex Dynamic Systems
Xavier Boyen , Nir Friedman , Daphne Koller
Efficient Value of Information Computation
Ross Shachter
Enhancing QPNs for Trade-off Resolution
Silja Renooij , Linda van der Gaag
Estimating the Value of Computation in Flexible Information Refinement
Michael Horsch , David Poole
Evaluation of Distributed Intelligence on the Smart Card
Kazuo Ezawa , Greg Napiorkowski , Mariusz Kossarski
Expected Utility Networks
Pierfrancesco La Mura , Yoav Shoham
Faithful Approximations of Belief Functions
David Harmanec
Fast Learning from Sparse Data
David Chickering , David Heckerman
Graphical Representations of Consensus Belief
David Pennock , Michael Wellman
How to Elicit Many Probabilities
Linda van der Gaag , Silja Renooij , Cilia Witteman , Berthe Aleman , Babs Taal
Hybrid Probabilistic Programs: Algorithms and Complexity
Michael Dekhtyar , Alex Dekhtyar , V. Subrahmanian
Inference in Multiply Sectioned Bayesian Networks with Extended Shafer-Shenoy and Lazy Propagation
Yanping Xiang , Finn Jensen
Inference Networks and the Evaluation of Evidence: Alternative Analyses
David Schum
Inferring Parameters and Structure of Latent Variable Models by Variational Bayes
Hagai Attias
Lazy Evaluation of Symmetric Bayesian Decision Problems
Anders Madsen , Finn Jensen
Learning Bayesian Network Structure from Massive Datasets: The ``Sparse Candidate'' Algorithm
Nir Friedman , Iftach Nachman , Dana Pe'er
Learning Bayesian Networks from Incomplete Data with Stochastic Search Algorithms
James Myers , Kathryn Laskey , Tod Levitt
Learning Bayesian Networks with Restricted Causal Interactions
Julian Neil , Chris Wallace , Kevin Korb
Learning Finite-State Controllers for Partially Observable Environments
Nicolas Meuleau , Leonid Peshkin , Kee-Eung Kim , Leslie Kaelbling
Learning Hidden Markov Models with Geometrical Constraints
Hagit Shatkay
Learning Polytrees
Sanjoy Dasgupta
Loglinear models for first-order probabilistic reasoning
James Cussens
Loopy Belief Propagation for Approximate Inference: An Empirical Study
Kevin Murphy , Yair Weiss , Michael Jordan
Mini-Bucket Heuristics for Improved Search
Kalev Kask , Rina Dechter
Mixture Approximations to Bayesian Networks
Volker Tresp , Michael Haft , Reimar Hofmann
Model-Based Bayesian Exploration
Richard Dearden , Nir Friedman , David Andre
Multi-objects association in perception of dynamical situation
Dominique Gruyer , Veronique Berge-Cherfaoui
Multiplicative Factorization of Noisy-Max
Masami Takikawa , Bruce D'Ambrosio
My Brain is Full: When More Memory Helps
Christopher Lusena , Tong Li , Shelia Sittinger , Chris Wells , Judy Goldsmith
On Quantified Linguistic Approximation
Ryszard Kowalczyk
On Supervised Selection of Bayesian Networks
Petri Kontkanen , Petri Myllymaki , Tomi Silander , Henry Tirri
On the Complexity of Policy Iteration
Yishay Mansour , Satinder Singh
On the Semantics and Automated Deduction for PLFC, a Logic of Possibilistic Uncertainty and Fuzziness
Teresa Alsinet , Lluis Godo , Sandra Sandri
On Transformations between Probability and Spohnian Disbelief Functions
Phan Giang , Prakash Shenoy
Parameter Priors for Directed Acyclic Graphical Models and the Characterization of Several Probability Distributions
Dan Geiger , David Heckerman
Possibilistic logic bases and possibilistic graphs
Salem Benferhat , Didier Dubois , Laurent Garcia , Henri Prade
Practical Uses of Belief Functions
Philippe Smets
Probabilistic Belief Change: Expansion, Conditioning and Constraining
Frans Voorbraak
Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis
Thomas Hofmann
Qualitative Models for Decision Under Uncertainty without the Commensurability Assumption
Helene Fargier , Patrice Perny
Quantifier Elimination for Statistical Problems
Dan Geiger , Christopher Meek
Random Algorithms for the Loop Cutset Problem
Ann Becker , Reuven Bar-Yehuada , Dan Geiger
Reasoning With Conditional Ceteris Paribus Preference Statem
Craig Boutilier , Ronen Brafman , Holger Hoos , David Poole
Relative Loss Bounds for On-line Density Estimation with the Exponential Family of Distributions
Katy Azoury , Manfred Warmuth
Representing and Combining Partially Specified CPTs
Suzanne Mahoney , Kathryn Laskey
Solving POMDPs by Searching the Space of Finite Policies
Nicolas Meuleau , Kee-Eung Kim , Leslie Kaelbling , Anthony Cassandra
SPOOK: A System for Probabilistic Object-Oriented Knowledge Representation
Avi Pfeffer , Daphne Koller , Brian Milch , Ken Takusagawa
SPUDD: Stochastic Planning using Decision Diagrams
Jesse Hoey , Robert St-Aubin , Alan Hu , Craig Boutilier
The Decision-Theoretic Interactive Video Advisor
Hien Nguyen , Peter Haddawy
Time-Critical Dynamic Decision Making
Yanping Xiang , Kim-Leng Poh
Variational Learning in Mixed-State Dynamic Graphical Models
Vladimir Pavlovic , Brendan Frey , Thomas Huang
Welldefined Decision Scenarios
Thomas Nielsen , Finn Jensen

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