Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Thirteenth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1997 )
Aug 1- 3 1997, Providence, RI

Edited By:
Dan Geiger, Prakash Shenoy
Published By: Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA
ISBN: 1-55860-485-5

A Bayesian Approach to Learning Bayesian Networks with Local Structure
David Chickering , David Heckerman , Christopher Meek
A Scheme for Approximating Probabilistic Inference
Rina Dechter , Irina Rish
A Standard Approach for Optimizing Belief Network Inference using Query DAGs
Adnan Darwiche , Gregory Provan
A Target Classification Decision Aid
Todd Mansell
Algorithm Portfolio Design: Theory vs. Practice
Carla Gomes , Bart Selman
Algorithms for Learning Decomposable Models and Chordal Graphs
Luis de Campos , Juan Huete
An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Hard and Soft Assignment Methods for Clustering
Michael Kearns , Yishay Mansour , Andrew Ng
Bayes Networks for Sonar Sensor Fusion
Ami Berler , Solomon Shimony
Composition of Probability Measures on Finite Spaces
Radim Jirousek
Computational Advantages of Relevance Reasoning in Bayesian Belief Networks
Yan Lin , Marek Druzdzel
Conditional Utility, Utility Independence, and Utility Networks
Yoav Shoham
Corporate Evidential Decision Making in Performance Prediction Domains
Alex Buchner , Werner Dubitzky , Alfons Schuster , Philippe Lopes , Peter O'Donoghue , John Hughes , David Bell , Kenny Adamson , John White , John Anderson , Maurice Mulvenna
Correlated Action Effects in Decision Theoretic Regression
Craig Boutilier
Cost-Sharing in Bayesian Knowledge Bases
Solomon Shimony , Carmel Domshlak , Eugene Santos Jr.
Decision-making Under Ordinal Preferences and Comparative Uncertainty
Didier Dubois , Helene Fargier , Henri Prade
Defining Explanation in Probabilistic Systems
Urszula Chajewska , Joseph Halpern
Efficient Induction of Finite State Automata
Matthew Collins , Jonathan Oliver
Estimation of Effects of Sequential Treatments by Reparameterizing Directed Acyclic Graphs
James Robins , Larry Wasserman
Exploiting Uncertain and Temporal Information in Correlation
John Bigham
Exploring Parallelism in Learning Belief Networks
TongSheng Chu , Yang Xiang
Fast Value Iteration for Goal-Directed Markov Decision Processes
Nevin Zhang , Weihong Zhang
Image Segmentation in Video Sequences: A Probabilistic Approach
Nir Friedman , Stuart Russell
Incremental Map Generation by Low Cost Robots Based on Possibility/Necessity Grids
Maite Lopez-Sanchez , Ramon Lopez de Mantaras , Carles Sierra
Incremental Pruning: A Simple, Fast, Exact Method for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Anthony Cassandra , Michael Littman , Nevin Zhang
Independence of Causal Influence and Clique Tree Propagation
Nevin Zhang , Li Yan
Inference with Idempotent Valuations
Luis Hernandez , Serafin Moral
Learning Bayesian Nets that Perform Well
Russell Greiner , Adam Grove , Dale Schuurmans
Learning Bayesian Networks from Incomplete Databases
Marco Ramoni , Paola Sebastiani
Learning Belief Networks in Domains with Recursively Embedded Pseudo Independent Submodels
Jun Hu , Yang Xiang
Lexical Access for Speech Understanding using Minimum Message Length Encoding
Ian Thomas , Ingrid Zukerman , Jonathan Oliver , David Albrecht , Bhavani Raskutti
Limitations of Skeptical Default Reasoning
Jens Doerpmund
Model Reduction Techniques for Computing Approximately Optimal Solutions for Markov Decision Processes
Thomas Dean , Robert Givan , Sonia Leach
Models and Selection Criteria for Regression and Classification
David Heckerman , Christopher Meek
Myopic Value of Information in Influence Diagrams
Soren Dittmer , Finn Jensen
Nested Junction Trees
Uffe Kjærulff
Network Fragments: Representing Knowledge for Constructing Probabilistic Models
Kathryn Laskey , Suzanne Mahoney
Nonuniform Dynamic Discretization in Hybrid Networks
Alexander Kozlov , Daphne Koller
Object-Oriented Bayesian Networks
Daphne Koller , Avi Pfeffer
On Stable Multi-Agent Behavior in Face of Uncertainty
Moshe Tennenholtz
Perception, Attention, and Resources: A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Graphics Rendering
Eric Horvitz , Jed Lengyel
Probabilistic Acceptance
Henry Kyburg Jr.
Probability Update: Conditioning vs. Cross-Entropy
Adam Grove , Joseph Halpern
Problem-Focused Incremental Elicitation of Multi-Attribute Utility Models
Vu Ha , Peter Haddawy
Region-Based Approximations for Planning in Stochastic Domains
Nevin Zhang , Wenju Liu
Relational Bayesian Networks
Manfred Jaeger
Representing Aggregate Belief through the Competitive Equilibrium of a Securities Market
David Pennock , Michael Wellman
Robustness Analysis of Bayesian Networks with Local Convex Sets of Distributions
Fabio Cozman
Score and Information for Recursive Exponential Models with Incomplete Data
Bo Thiesson
Sequential Thresholds: Context Sensitive Default Extensions
Choh Teng
Sequential Update of Bayesian Network Structure
Nir Friedman , Moises Goldszmidt
Structure and Parameter Learning for Causal Independence and Causal Interaction Models
Christopher Meek , David Heckerman
Structured Arc Reversal and Simulation of Dynamic Probabilistic Networks
Adrian Cheuk , Craig Boutilier
Support and Plausibility Degrees in Generalized Functional Models
Paul-Andre Monney
The Cognitive Processing of Causal Knowledge
Scott Morris , Doug Cork , Richard Neapolitan
The Complexity of Plan Existence and Evaluation in Probabilistic Domains
Judy Goldsmith , Michael Littman , Martin Mundhenk
Time-Critical Reasoning: Representations and Application
Eric Horvitz , Adam Seiver
Update Rules for Parameter Estimation in Bayesian Networks
Eric Bauer , Daphne Koller , Yoram Singer

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