Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 6 Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1990 )
Jul 27-29 1990, Cambridge, MA

Edited By:

Published By: Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, NL
ISBN: 0-444-89264-8

A Combination of Cutset Conditioning with Clique-Tree Propagation in the Pathfinder System
Jaap Suermondt , Gregory Cooper , David Heckerman
A Hierarchical Approach to Designing Approximate Reasoning-Based Controllers for Dynamic Physical Systems
Hamid Berenji , Yung-Yaw Chen , Chuen-Chien Lee , Jyh-Shing Jang , S. Murugesan
A Model for Non-Monotonic Reasoning Using Dempster's Rule
Mary McLeish
A New Algorithm for Finding MAP Assignments to Belief Network
Solomon Shimony , Eugene Charniak
A New Approach to Updating Beliefs
Ronald Fagin , Joseph Halpern
Analysis in HUGIN of Data Conflict
Finn Jensen , Bo Chamberlain , Torsten Nordahl , Frank Jensen
Computational Aspects of the M÷bius Transformation
Robert Kennes , Philippe Smets
Computationally-Optimal Real-Resource Strategies for Independent, Uninterruptible Methods
David Einav , Michael Fehling
Computing Probability Intervals Under Independency Constraints
Linda van der Gaag
Context-Dependent Similarity
Yizong Cheng
Credibility Discounting in the Theory of Approximate Reasoning
Ronald Yager
Decision Making with Interval Influence Diagrams
John Breese , Kenneth Fertig
Default Reasoning and the Transferable Belief Model
Philippe Smets , Yen-Teh Hsia
Directed Reduction Algorithms and Decomposable Graphs
Ross Shachter , Stig Andersen , Kim-Leng Poh
Dynamic Construction of Belief Networks
Robert Goldman , Eugene Charniak
Equivalence and Synthesis of Causal Models
Tom Verma , Judea Pearl
Exploiting Functional Dependencies in Qualitative Probabilistic Reasoning
Michael Wellman
Ideal Reformulation of Belief Networks
John Breese , Eric Horvitz
Integrating Case Based and Rule Based Reasoning: The Possibilistic Connection
Soumitra Dutta , Piero Bonissone
Integrating Probabilistic, Taxonomic and Causal Knowledge in Abductive Diagnosis
Dekang Lin , Randy Goebel
Kutatˇ: An Entropy-Driven System for Construction of Probabilistic Expert Systems from Databases
Edward Herskovits , Gregory Cooper
On Heuristics for Finding Loop Cutsets in Multiply-Connected Belief Networks
Jonathan Stillman
Optimal Decomposition of Belief Networks
Wilson Wen
Possibility as Similarity: The Semantics of Fuzzy Logic
Enrique Ruspini
Probabilistic Evaluation of Candidate Sets for Multidisorder Diagnosis
Thomas Wu
Problem Formulation as the Reduction of a Decision Model
David Heckerman , Eric Horvitz
Propagating Uncertainty in Rule Based Cognitive Modeling
Thomas Shultz
Pruning Bayesian Networks for Efficient Computation
Michelle Baker , Terrance Boult
Qualitative Propagation and Scenario-based Schemes for Explaining Probabilistic Reasoning
Max Henrion , Marek Druzdzel
Refinement and Coarsening of Bayesian Networks
Kuo-Chu Chang , Robert Fung
Second Order Probabilities for Uncertain and Conflicting Evidence
Gerhard Paa├?
Separable and Transitive Graphoids
Dan Geiger , David Heckerman
Similarity Networks for the Construction of Multiple-Fault Belief Networks
David Heckerman
The Transferable Belief Model and other Interpretations of Dempster-Shafer's Model
Philippe Smets
Time, Chance, and Action
Peter Haddawy
Updating with Belief Functions, Ordinal Conditional Functions and Possibility Measures
Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
Using Dempster-Shafer Theory in Knowledge Representation
Alessandro Saffiotti
Valuation-based Systems for Discrete Optimization
Prakash Shenoy
What is the Most Likely Diagnosis?
David Poole , Gregory Provan

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