Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 4 Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1988 )
Jul 10-12 1988, Minneapolis, MN

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Published By: Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, NL
ISBN: 0-444-88650-8

A Comparison of Decision Analysis and Expert Rules for Sequential Diagnosis
Jayant Kalagnanam , Max Henrion
A Framework of Fuzzy Evidential Reasoning
John Yen
A General Non-probabilistic Theory of Inductive Reasoning
Wolfgang Spohn
A Linear Approximation Method for Probabilistic Inference
Ross Shachter
A Summary of A New Normative Theory of Probabilistic Logic
Romas Aleliunas
An Empirical Comparison of Three Inference Methods
David Heckerman
Axioms for Probability and Belief-Function Propagation
Prakash Shenoy , Glenn Shafer
Causal Networks: Semantics and Expressiveness
Tom Verma , Judea Pearl
Control of Problem Solving: Principles and Architecture
John Breese , Michael Fehling
Epistemological Relevance and Statistical Knowledge
Henry Kyburg Jr.
Evidential Reasoning Compared in a Network Usage Prediction Testbed: Preliminary Report
Ronald Loui
Generating Decision Structures and Causal Explanations For Decision Making
Spencer Star
Generating Explanations of Decision Models Based on an Augmented Representation of Uncertainty
Holly Jimison
Hierarchical Evidence and Belief Functions
Paul Black , Kathryn Laskey
Induction and Uncertainty Management Techniques Applied to Veterinary Medial Diagnosis
M. Cecile , Mary McLeish , P. Pascoe , W. Taylor
KNET: Integrating Hypermedia and Normative Bayesian Modeling
R. Chavez , Gregory Cooper
Minimum Cross Entropy Reasoning in Recursive Causal Networks
Wilson Wen
Modal Logics of Higher-Order Probability
Peter Haddawy , Alan Frisch
Modeling Uncertain and Vague Knowledge in Possibility and Evidence Theories
Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
Multiple Decision Trees
Suk Kwok , Chris Carter
On Probability Distributions Over Possible Worlds
Fahiem Bacchus
On the Logic of Causal Models
Dan Geiger , Judea Pearl
Parallel Belief Revision
Daniel Hunter
Predicting the Likely Behaviors of Continuous Nonlinear Systems in Equilibrium
Alexander Yeh
Probabilistic Causal Reasoning
Thomas Dean , Keiji Kanazawa
Probabilistic Inference and Non-monotonic Inference
Henry Kyburg Jr.
Probabilistic Semantics and Defaults
Eric Neufeld , David Poole , Romas Aleliunas
Process, Structure, and Modularity in Reasoning with Uncertainty
Bruce D'Ambrosio
Stochastic Sensitivity Analysis Using Fuzzy Influence Diagrams
Pramod Jain , Alice Agogino
The Structure of Bayes Networks for Visual Recognition
John Agosta
Utility-Based Control for Computer Vision
Tod Levitt , Thomas Binford , Gil Ettinger

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