Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 3 Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1987 )
Jul 10-12 1987, Seattle, WA

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Published By: Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, NL
ISBN: 0-444-87417-8

A Bayesian Perspective on Confidence
David Heckerman , Holly Jimison
A Heuristic Bayesian Approach to Knowledge Acquisition: Application to the Analysis of Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator
Ross Shachter , David Eddy , Vic Hasselblad , Robert Wolpert
A Hybrid Approach to Reasoning Under Uncertainty
Bruce D'Ambrosio
A Unified Approach to Imprecision and Sensitivity of Beliefs in Expert Systems
David Spiegelhalter
Advantages and a Limitation of Using LEG Nets in a Real Time Problem
Thomas Slack
An Algorithm for Computing Probabilistic Propositions
Gregory Cooper
Bayesian Belief Network Inference Using Simulation
Homer Chin , Gregory Cooper
Bayesian Inference in Model-Based Machine Vision
Thomas Binford , Tod Levitt , Wallace Mann
Can Evidence Be Combined in the Dempster-Shafer Theory?
John Yen
Computing Belief Commitments Using Tensor Products
Lashon Booker , Naveen Hota , Gavin Hemphill
Decision Tree Induction Systems: A Bayesian Analysis
Wray Buntine
Efficient Inference on Generalized Fault Diagrams
Ross Shachter , Leonard Bertrand
Estimation Procedures for Robust Sensor Control
Greg Hager , Max Mintz
Evaluation of Uncertain Inference Models III: The Role of Tuning
Ben Wise , Bruce Perrin , David Vaughan , Robert Yadrick
Explanation of Probabilistic Inference
Christopher Elsaesser
Higher Order Probabilities
Henry Kyburg Jr.
Implementing Evidential Reasoning in Expert Systems
John Yen
Modifiable Combining Functions
Paul Cohen , Glenn Shafer , Prakash Shenoy
Nilsson's Probabilistic Entailment Extended to Dempster-Shafer Theory
Mary McLeish
Reasoning about Beliefs and Actions under Computational Resource Constraints
Eric Horvitz
Satisfaction of Assumptions is a Weak Predictor of Performance
Ben Wise
Some Practical Issues in Constructing Belief Networks
Max Henrion
Steps Towards Programs that Manage Uncertainty
Paul Cohen
Structuring Causal Tree Models with Continuous Variables
Lei Xu , Judea Pearl
T-norm Based Reasoning in Situation Assessment Applications
Piero Bonissone , Nancy Wood
The Automatic Training of Rule Bases That Use Numerical Uncertainty Representations
Richard Caruana
The Inductive Logic of Information Systems
Norman Dalkey
The Recovery of Causal Poly-Trees From Statistical Data
George Rebane , Judea Pearl
Theory-Based Inductive Learning: An Integration of Symbolic and Quantitative Methods
Spencer Star
Towards Solving the Multiple Extension problem: Combining Defaults and Probability
Eric Neufeld , David Poole
Using the Dempster-Shafer Scheme in a Mixed-Initiative Expert System Shell
Gautam Biswas , Teywansh Anand

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