Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 2 Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1986 )
Aug 8-10 1986, Philadelphia, PA

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Published By: Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, NL
ISBN: 0-444-70396-9

A Backwards View for Assessment
Ross Shachter , David Heckerman
A Casual Bayesian Model for the Diagnosis of Appendicitis
Stanley Schwartz , Jonathan Baron , John Clarke
A Non-Iterative Maximum Entropy Algorithm
Sally Goldman , Ronald Rivest
A Semantic Approach to Non-Monotonic Entailments
James Hawthorne
An Axiomatic Framework for Belief Updates
David Heckerman
An Explanation Mechanism for Bayesian Inferencing Systems
Steven Norton
Bayesian Inference for Radar Imagery Based Surveillance
Tod Levitt
Belief as Summarization and Meta-Support
A. Craddock , Roger Browse
Computing Reference Classes
Ronald Loui
DAVID: Influence Diagram Processing System for the Macintosh
Ross Shachter
Distributed Revision of Belief Commitment in Composite Explanations
Judea Pearl
Estimating Uncertain Spatial Relationships in Robotics
Randall Smith , Matthew Self , Peter Cheeseman
Evaluation of Uncertain Inference Models I: PROSPECTOR
Robert Yadrick , Bruce Perrin , David Vaughan , Peter Holden , Karl Kempf
Evidence as Opinions of Experts
Robert Hummel , Michael Landy
Evidential Reasoning in a Computer Vision System
Ze-Nian Li , Leonard Uhr
Experimentally Comparing Uncertain Inference Systems to Probability
Ben Wise
Experiments with Interval-Valued Uncertainty
Richard Tong , Lee Appelbaum
Generalizing Fuzzy Logic Probabilistic Inferences
Silvio Ursic
Imprecise Meanings as a Cause of Uncertainty in Medical Knowledge-Based Systems
Steven Henkind
Information and Multi-Sensor Coordination
Greg Hager , Hugh Durrant-Whyte
Henry Kyburg Jr.
Knowledge Engineering Within A Generalized Bayesian Framework
Stephen Barth , Steven Norton
Learning to Predict: An Inductive Approach
Kaihu Chen
Models vs. Inductive Inference for Dealing with Probabilistic Knowledge
Norman Dalkey
Non-Monotonicity in Probabilistic Reasoning
Benjamin Grosof
On Implementing Usual Values
Ronald Yager
On the Rational Scope of Probabilistic Rule-Based Inference Systems
Shimon Schocken
Planning, Scheduling, and Uncertainty in the Sequence of Future Events
B. Fox , Karl Kempf
Probabilistic Logic: Some Comments and Possible Use for Nonmonotonic Reasoning
Mary McLeish
Probabilistic Reasoning About Ship Images
Lashon Booker , Naveen Hota
Propagating Uncertainty in Bayesian Networks by Probabilistic Logic Sampling
Max Henrion
Propagation of Belief Functions: A Distributed Approach
Prakash Shenoy , Glenn Shafer , Khaled Mellouli
Qualitative Probabilistic Networks for Planning Under Uncertainty
Michael Wellman
Some Extensions of Probabilistic Logic
Su-shing Chen
The Myth of Modularity In Rule-Based Systems for Reasoning with Uncertainty
David Heckerman , Eric Horvitz
The Sum-and-Lattice-Points Method Based on an Evidential-Reasoning System Applied to the Real-Time Vehicle Guidance Problem
Shoshana Abel
Towards A General-Purpose Belief Maintenance System
Brian Falkenhainer

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