Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the Tenth Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1994 )
Jul 29-31 1994, Seattle, WA

Edited By:
Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, David Poole
Published By: Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA
ISBN: 1-55860-332-8

A Bayesian Method Reexamined
Derek Ayers
A Decision-Based View of Causality
David Heckerman , Ross Shachter
A Defect in Dempster-Shafer Theory
Pei Wang
A Logic for Default Reasoning About Probabilities
Manfred Jaeger
A New Look at Causal Independence
David Heckerman , John Breese
A Probabilistic Approach to Hierarchical Model-based Diagnosis
Sampath Srinivas
A Probabilistic Calculus of Actions
Judea Pearl
A Probabilistic Model of Action for Least-Commitment Planning with Information Gather
Denise Draper , Steve Hanks , Daniel Weld
A Stratified Simulation Scheme for Inference in Bayesian Belief Networks
Remco Bouckaert
A Structured, Probabilistic Representation of Action
Ron Davidson , Michael Fehling
Abstracting Probabilistic Actions
Peter Haddawy , AnHai Doan
Action Networks: A Framework for Reasoning about Actions and Change under Uncertainty
Adnan Darwiche , Moises Goldszmidt
An Alternative Proof Method for Possibilistic Logic and its Application to Terminological Logics
Bernhard Hollunder
An Evaluation of an Algorithm for Inductive Learning of Bayesian Belief Networks Usin
Constantin Aliferis , Gregory Cooper
An Experimental Comparison of Numerical and Qualitative Probabilistic Reasoning
Max Henrion , Gregory Provan , Brendan del Favero , Gillian Sanders
An Ordinal View of Independence with Application to Plausible Reasoning
Didier Dubois , Luis Farinas del Cerro , Andreas Herzig , Henri Prade
Anytime Decision Making with Imprecise Probabilities
Michael Pittarelli
Approximation Algorithms for the Loop Cutset Problem
Ann Becker , Dan Geiger
Backward Simulation in Bayesian Networks
Robert Fung , Brendan del Favero
Belief Induced by the Partial Knowledge of the Probabilities
Philippe Smets
Belief Maintenance in Bayesian Networks
Marco Ramoni , Alberto Riva
Belief Updating by Enumerating High-Probability Independence-Based Assignments
Eugene Santos Jr. , Solomon Shimony
Conditional Independence in Possibility Theory
Pascale Fonck
Constructing Belief Networks to Evaluate Plans
Paul Lehner , Christopher Elsaesser , Scott Musman
Counterfactual Probabilities: Computational Methods, Bounds and Applications
Alexander Balke , Judea Pearl
Efficient Estimation of the Value of Information in Monte Carlo Models
Tom Chavez , Max Henrion
Ending-based Strategies for Part-of-speech Tagging
Greg Adams , Beth Millar , Eric Neufeld , Tim Philip
Epsilon-Safe Planning
Robert Goldman , Mark Boddy
Evidential Reasoning with Conditional Belief Functions
Hong Xu , Philippe Smets
Exceptional Subclasses in Qualitative Probability
Sek-Wah Tan
Exploratory Model Building
Raj Bhatnagar
From Influence Diagrams to Junction Trees
Frank Jensen , Finn Jensen , Soren Dittmer
Fuzzy Geometric Relations to Represent Hierarchical Spatial Information
Stephane Lapointe , Rene Proulx
General Belief Measures
Emil Weydert
Generating Bayesian Networks from Probability Logic Knowledge Bases
Peter Haddawy
Generating Graphoids from Generalised Conditional Probability
Nic Wilson
Generating New Beliefs From Old
Fahiem Bacchus , Adam Grove , Joseph Halpern , Daphne Koller
Global Conditioning for Probabilistic Inference in Belief Networks
Ross Shachter , Stig Andersen , Peter Szolovits
Ignorance and the Expressiveness of Single- and Set-Valued Probability Models of Belief
Paul Snow
Incremental Dynamic Construction of Layered Polytree Networks
Keung-Chi Ng , Tod Levitt
Induction of Selective Bayesian Classifiers
Pat Langley , Stephanie Sage
Integrating Planning and Execution in Stochastic Domains
Richard Dearden , Craig Boutilier
Inter-causal Independence and Heterogeneous Factorization
Nevin Zhang , David Poole
Knowledge Engineering for Large Belief Networks
Malcolm Pradhan , Gregory Provan , Blackford Middleton , Max Henrion
Laplace's Method Approximations for Probabilistic Inference in Belief Networks with Continuous Variables
Adriano Azevedo-Filho , Ross Shachter
Learning Bayesian Networks: The Combination of Knowledge and Statistical Data
David Heckerman , Dan Geiger , David Chickering
Learning Gaussian Networks
Dan Geiger , David Heckerman
Learning in Multi-level Stochastic games with Delayed Information
Edward Billard
Localized Partial Evaluation of Belief Networks
Denise Draper , Steve Hanks
Model-Based Diagnosis with Qualitative Temporal Uncertainty
Wolfgang Nejdl , Johann Gamper
Models of Consensus for Multiple Agent Systems
Daniel O'Leary
Modus Ponens Generating Function in the Class of ^-valuations of Plausibility
Ildar Batyrshin
On Axiomatization of Probabilistic Conditional Independencies
Michael Wong , Z. Wang
On Modal Logics for Qualitative Possibility in a Fuzzy Setting
Petr Hajek , Dagmar Harmancov√° , Francesc Esteva , Pere Garcia , Lluis Godo
On Testing Whether an Embedded Bayesian Network Represents a Probability Model
Dan Geiger , Azaria Paz , Judea Pearl
On the Relation between Kappa Calculus and Probabilistic Reasoning
Adnan Darwiche , Moises Goldszmidt
Operator Selection While Planning Under Uncertainty
Todd Mansell , Grahame Smith
Optimal Junction Trees
Finn Jensen , Frank Jensen
Penalty logic and its Link with Dempster-Shafer Theory
Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr , Jerome Lang , Thomas Schiex
Planning with External Events
Jim Blythe
Possibilistic Conditioning and Propagation
Yen-Teh Hsia
Possibility and Necessity Functions over Non-classical Logics
Philippe Besnard , Jerome Lang
Probabilistic Constraint Satisfaction with Non-Gaussian Noise
Russ Altman , Cheng Chen , William Poland , Jaswinder Singh
Probabilistic Description Logics
Jochen Heinsohn
Properties of Bayesian Belief Network Learning Algorithms
Remco Bouckaert
Reduction of Computational Complexity in Bayesian Networks through Removal of Weak Dependencies
Uffe Kjærulff
Robust Planning in Uncertain Environments
Stephen Pimentel , Lawrence Brem
Semigraphoids Are Two-Antecedental Approximations of Stochastic Conditional Independence Models
Milan Studeny
Solving Asymmetric Decision Problems with Influence Diagrams
Runping Qi , Nevin Zhang , David Poole
Some Properties of Joint Probability Distributions
Marek Druzdzel
State-space Abstraction for Anytime Evaluation of Probabilistic Networks
Michael Wellman , Chao-Lin Liu
Symbolic Probabilitistic Inference in Large BN2O Networks
Bruce D'Ambrosio
Syntax-based Default Reasoning as Probabilistic Model-based Diagnosis
Jerome Lang
The Automated Mapping of Plans for Plan Recognition
Marcus Huber , Edmund Durfee , Michael Wellman
Three Approaches to Probability Model Selection
William Poland , Ross Shachter
Using New Data to Refine a Bayesian Network
Wai Lam , Fahiem Bacchus
Value of Evidence on Influence Diagrams
Kazuo Ezawa

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