Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Proceedings of the First Conference Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( 1985 )
Jul 10-12 1985, Los Angeles, CA

Edited By:
Laveen Kanal, John Lemmer
Published By: AUAI Press, Corvallis, Oregon

A Constraint Propagation Approach to Probabilistic Reasoning
Judea Pearl
A Cure for Pathological Behavior in Games that Use Minimax
Bruce Abramson
A Framework for Comparing Uncertain Inference Systems to Probability
Ben Wise , Max Henrion
A Framework for Control Strategies in Uncertain Inference Networks
Moshe Ben-Bassat , Oded Maler
A Framework for Non-Monotonic Reasoning About Probabilistic Assumptions
Marvin Cohen
An Evaluation of Two Alternatives to Minimax
Dana Nau , Paul Purdom , Chun-Hung Tzeng
An Inequality Paradigm for Probabilistic Knowledge
Benjamin Grosof
An Odds Ratio Based Inference Engine
David Vaughan , Bruce Perrin , Robert Yadrick , Peter Holden , Karl Kempf
Combining Uncertain Estimates
Henry Hamburger
Confidence Factors, Empiricism and the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
John Lemmer
Developing and Analyzing Boundary Detection Operators Using Probabilistic Models
David Sher
Evidential Confirmation as Transformed Probability
Benjamin Grosof
Exact Reasoning Under Uncertainty
Samuel Holtzman , John Breese
Foundations of Probability Theory for AI - The Application of Algorithmic Probability to Problems in Artificial Intelligence
Ray Solomonoff
Implementing Probabilistic Reasoning
Matthew Ginsberg
Incidence Calculus: A Mechanism for Probabilistic Reasoning
Alan Bundy
Independence and Bayesian Updating Methods
Rodney Johnson
Induction, of and by Probability
Larry Rendell
Inductive Inference and the Representation of Uncertainty
Norman Dalkey
Intelligent Probabilistic Inference
Ross Shachter
Interval-Based Decisions for Reasoning Systems
Ronald Loui
Knowledge Structures and Evidential Reasoning in Decision Analysis
Gerald Liu
Machine Generalization and Human Categorization: An Information-Theoretic View
James Corter , Mark Gluck
Machine Learning, Clustering, and Polymorphy
Stephen Hanson , Malcolm Bauer
Metaprobability and Dempster-Shafer in Evidential Reasoning
Robert Fung , Chee Chong
Modular Belief Updates and Confusion about Measures of Certainty in Artificial Intelligence Research
Eric Horvitz , David Heckerman
Probabilistic Conflict Resolution in Hierarchical Hypothesis Spaces
Tod Levitt
Probabilistic Interpretations for MYCIN's Certainty Factors
David Heckerman
Probability Judgement in Artificial Intelligence
Glenn Shafer
Relative Entropy, Probabilistic Inference and AI
John Shore
Selecting Uncertainty Calculi and Granularity: An Experiment in Trading-Off Precision and Complexity
Piero Bonissone , Keith Decker
Statistical Mechanics Algorithm for Response to Targets (SMART)
Lester Ingber
Strong & Weak Methods: A Logical View of Uncertainty
John Fox
The Estimation of Subjective Probabilities via Categorical Judgments of Uncertainty
Alf Zimmer
Uncertain Reasoning Using Maximum Entropy Inference
Daniel Hunter

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