Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Symbolic Probabilistic Inference with Evidence Potential
Kuo-Chu Chang, Robert Fung
Recent research on the Symbolic Probabilistic Inference (SPI) algorithm[2] has focused attention on the importance of resolving general queries in Bayesian networks. SPI applies the concept of dependency-directed backward search to probabilistic inference, and is incremental with respect to both queries and observations. In response to this research we have extended the evidence potential algorithm [3] with the same features. We call the extension symbolic evidence potential inference (SEPI). SEPI like SPI can handle generic queries and is incremental with respect to queries and observations. While in SPI, operations are done on a search tree constructed from the nodes of the original network, in SEPI, a clique-tree structure obtained from the evidence potential algorithm [3] is the basic framework for recursive query processing. In this paper, we describe the systematic query and caching procedure of SEPI. SEPI begins with finding a clique tree from a Bayesian network-the standard procedure of the evidence potential algorithm. With the clique tree, various probability distributions are computed and stored in each clique. This is the “pre-processing” step of SEPI. Once this step is done, the query can then be computed. To process a query, a recursive process similar to the SPI algorithm is used. The queries are directed to the root clique and decomposed into queries for the clique's subtrees until a particular query can be answered at the clique at which it is directed. The algorithm and the computation are simple. The SEPI algorithm will be presented in this paper along with several examples.
Pages: 82-85
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