Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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A Target Classification Decision Aid
Todd Mansell
A submarine's sonar team is responsible for detecting, localising and classifying targets using information provided by the platform's sensor suite. The information used to make these assessments is typically uncertain and/or incomplete and is likely to require a measure of confidence in its reliability. Moreover, improvements in sensor and communication technology are resulting in increased amounts of on-platform and off-platform information available for evaluation. This proliferation of imprecise information increases the risk of overwhelming the operator. To assist the task of localisation and classification a concept demonstration decision aid (Horizon), based on evidential reasoning, has been developed. Horizon is an information fusion software package for representing and fusing imprecise information about the state of the world, expressed across suitable frames of reference. The Horizon software is currently at prototype stage.
Keywords: Evidential reasoning, Dempster-Shafer theory, target classification.
Pages: 358-365
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PDF Link: /papers/97/p358-mansell.pdf
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