Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Active Learning with Distributional Estimates
Jens Roeder, Boaz Nadler, Kevin Kunzmann, Fred Hamprecht
Active Learning (AL) is increasingly important in a broad range of applications. Two main AL principles to obtain accurate classification with few labeled data are refinement of the current decision boundary and exploration of poorly sampled regions. In this paper we derive a novel AL scheme that balances these two principles in a natural way. In contrast to many AL strategies, which are based on an estimated class conditional probability ?p(y|x), a key component of our approach is to view this quantity as a random variable, hence explicitly considering the uncertainty in its estimated value. Our main contribution is a novel mathematical framework for uncertainty-based AL, and a corresponding AL scheme, where the uncertainty in ?p(y|x) is modeled by a second-order distribution. On the practical side, we show how to approximate such second-order distributions for kernel density classification. Finally, we find that over a large number of UCI, USPS and Caltech4 datasets, our AL scheme achieves significantly better learning curves than popular AL methods such as uncertainty sampling and error reduction sampling, when all use the same kernel density classifier.
Pages: 715-725
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PDF Link: /papers/12/p715-roeder.pdf
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