Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Making life better one large system at a time: Challenges for UAI research
Moises Goldszmidt
The rapid growth and diversity in service offerings and the ensuing complexity of in- formation technology ecosystems present nu- merous management challenges (both opera- tional and strategic). Instrumentation and measurement technology is, by and large, keeping pace with this development and growth. However, the algorithms, tools, and technology required to transform the data into relevant information for decision mak- ing are not. The claim in this paper (and the invited talk) is that the line of research conducted in Uncertainty in Artificial Intelli- gence is very well suited to address the chal- lenges and close this gap. I will support this claim and discuss open problems using re- cent examples in diagnosis, model discovery, and policy optimization on three real life dis- tributed systems.
Pages: 475-481
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