Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Knowledge Engineering Within A Generalized Bayesian Framework
Stephen Barth, Steven Norton
During the ongoing debate over the representation of uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, Cheeseman, Lemmer, Pearl, and others have argued that probability theory, and in particular the Bayesian theory, should be used as the basis for the inference mechanisms of Expert Systems dealing with uncertainty. In order to pursue the issue in a practical setting, sophisticated tools for knowledge engineering are needed that allow flexible and understandable interaction with the underlying knowledge representation schemes. This paper describes a Generalized Bayesian framework for building expert systems which function in uncertain domains, using algorithms proposed by Lemmer. It is neither rule-based nor frame-based, and requires a new system of knowledge engineering tools. The framework we describe provides a knowledge-based system architecture with an inference engine, explanation capability, and a unique aid for building consistent knowledge bases.
Keywords: Bayesian
Pages: 7-16
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PDF Link: /papers/86/p7-barth.pdf
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