Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Inductive Policy Selection for First-Order MDPs
Sung Wook Yoon, Alan Fern, Robert Givan
We select policies for large Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) with compact first-order representations. We find policies that generalize well as the number of objects in the domain grows, potentially without bound. Existing dynamic-programming approaches based on flat, propositional, or first-order representations either are impractical here or do not naturally scale as the number of objects grows without bound. We implement and evaluate an alternative approach that induces first-order policies using training data constructed by solving small problem instances using PGraphplan (Blum & Langford, 1999). Our policies are represented as ensembles of decision lists, using a taxonomic concept language. This approach extends the work of Martin and Geffner (2000) to stochastic domains, ensemble learning, and a wider variety of problems. Empirically, we find "good" policies for several stochastic first-order MDPs that are beyond the scope of previous approaches. We also discuss the application of this work to the relational reinforcement-learning problem.
Pages: 568-576
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