Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Process, Structure, and Modularity in Reasoning with Uncertainty
Bruce D'Ambrosio
Computational mechanisms for uncertainty management must support interactive and incremental problem formulation, inference, hypothesis testing, and decision making. However, most current uncertainty inference systems concentrate primarily on inference, and provide no support for the larger issues. We present a computational approach to uncertainty management which provides direct support for the dynamic, incremental aspect of this task, while at the same time permitting direct representation of the structure of evidential relationships. At the same time, we show that this approach responds to the modularity concerns of Heckerman and Horvitz [Heck87]. This paper emphasizes examples of the capabilities of this approach. Another paper [D'Am89] details the representations and algorithms involved.
Pages: 64-72
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AUTHOR = "Bruce D'Ambrosio ",
TITLE = "Process, Structure, and Modularity in Reasoning with Uncertainty",
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