Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Possibilistic decreasing persistence
Dimiter Driankov, Jerome Lang
A key issue in the handling of temporal data is the treatment of persistence; in most approaches it consists in inferring defeasible confusions by extrapolating from the actual knowledge of the history of the world; we propose here a gradual modelling of persistence, following the idea that persistence is decreasing (the further we are from the last time point where a fluent is known to be true, the less certainly true the fluent is); it is based on possibility theory, which has strong relations with other well-known ordering-based approaches to nonmonotonic reasoning. We compare our approach with Dean and Kanazawa's probabilistic projection. We give a formal modelling of the decreasing persistence problem. Lastly, we show how to infer nonmonotonic conclusions using the principle of decreasing persistence.
Pages: 469-476
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PDF Link: /papers/93/p469-driankov.pdf
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