Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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A Method for Implementing a Probabilistic Model as a Relational Database
Michael Wong, C. Butz, Yang Xiang
This paper discusses a method for implementing a probabilistic inference system based on an extended relational data model. This model provides a unified approach for a variety of applications such as dynamic programming, solving sparse linear equations, and constraint propagation. In this framework, the probability model is represented as a generalized relational database. Subsequent probabilistic requests can be processed as standard relational queries. Conventional database management systems can be easily adopted for implementing such an approximate reasoning system.
Keywords: Probabilistic inference, belief networks, extended relational data model, evidential
Pages: 556-564
PS Link: http://www.cs.uregina.ca/~butz/publications/implement/implement.html
PDF Link: /papers/95/p556-wong.pdf
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