Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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A Consistent Estimator of the Expected Gradient Outerproduct
Shubhendu Trivedi, Jialei Wang, Samory Kpotufe, Gregory Shakhnarovich
In high-dimensional classification or regression problems, the expected gradient outerproduct (EGOP) of the unknown regression function f , namely EX f (X) · f (X) , is known to recover those directions v ?? Rd most relevant to predicting the output Y . However, just as in gradient estimation, opti- mal estimators of the EGOP can be expensive in practice. We show that a simple rough estima- tor, much cheaper in practice, suffices to obtain significant improvements on real-world nonpara- metric classification and regression tasks. Fur- thermore, we prove that, despite its simplicity, this rough estimator remains statistically consis- tent under mild conditions.
Pages: 819-828
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