Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Practical Linear Value-approximation Techniques for First-order MDPs
Scott Sanner, Craig Boutilier
Recent work on approximate linear programming (ALP) techniques for first-order Markov Decision Processes (FOMDPs) represents the value function linearly w.r.t. a set of first-order basis functions and uses linear programming techniques to determine suitable weights. This approach offers the advantage that it does not require simplification of the first-order value function, and allows one to solve FOMDPs independent of a specific domain instantiation. In this paper, we address several questions to enhance the applicability of this work: (1) Can we extend the first-order ALP framework to approximate policy iteration to address performance deficiencies of previous approaches? (2) Can we automatically generate basis functions and evaluate their impact on value function quality? (3) How can we decompose intractable problems with universally quantified rewards into tractable subproblems? We propose answers to these questions along with a number of novel optimizations and provide a comparative empirical evaluation on logistics problems from the ICAPS 2004 Probabilistic Planning Competition.
Pages: 409-417
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PDF Link: /papers/06/p409-sanner.pdf
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