Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Evidential Reasoning with Conditional Belief Functions
Hong Xu, Philippe Smets
In the existing evidential networks with belief functions, the relations among the variables are always represented by joint belief functions on the product space of the involved variables. In this paper, we use conditional belief functions to represent such relations in the network and show some relations of these two kinds of representations. We also present a propagation algorithm for such networks. By analyzing the properties of some special evidential networks with conditional belief functions, we show that the reasoning process can be simplified in such kinds of networks.
Keywords: Evidential reasoning, belief functions, conditional belief functions, belief networks
Pages: 598-605
PS Link: ftp://iridia.ulb.ac.be/pub/hongxu/er-cbf.ps.Z
PDF Link: /papers/94/p598-xu.pdf
AUTHOR = "Hong Xu and Philippe Smets",
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