Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Structure-Based Causes and Explanations in the Independent Choice Logic
Alberto Finzi, Thomas Lukasiewicz
This paper is directed towards combining Pearl's structural-model approach to causal reasoning with high-level formalisms for reasoning about actions. More precisely, we present a combination of Pearl's structural-model approach with Poole's independent choice logic. We show how probabilistic theories in the independent choice logic can be mapped to probabilistic causal models. This mapping provides the independent choice logic with appealing concepts of causality and explanation from the structural-model approach. We illustrate this along Halpern and Pearl's sophisticated notions of actual cause, explanation, and partial explanation. This mapping also adds first-order modeling capabilities and explicit actions to the structural-model approach.
Pages: 225-232
PS Link: http://www.kr.tuwien.ac.at/staff/lukasiew/icl03.ps
PDF Link: /papers/03/p225-finzi.pdf
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