Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Upgrading Ambiguous Signs in QPNs
Janneke Bolt, Silja Renooij, Linda van der Gaag
WA qualitative probabilistic network models the probabilistic relationships between its variables by means of signs. Non-monotonic influences have associated an ambiguous sign. These ambiguous signs typically lead to uninformative results upon inference. A non-monotonic influence can, however, be associated with a, more informative, sign that indicates its effect in the current state of the network. To capture this effect, we introduce the concept of situational sign. Furthermore, if the network converts to a state in which all variables that provoke the non-monotonicity have been observed, a non-monotonic influence reduces to a monotonic influence. We study the persistence and propagation of situational signs upon inference and give a method to establish the sign of a reduced influence.
Pages: 73-80
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