Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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From Qualitative to Quantitative Probabilistic Networks
Silja Renooij, Linda van der Gaag
Quantification is well known to be a major obstacle in the construction of a probabilistic network, especially when relying on human experts for this purpose. The construction of a qualitative probabilistic network has been proposed as an initial step in a network s quantification, since the qualitative network can be used TO gain preliminary insight IN the projected networks reasoning behaviour. We extend on this idea and present a new type of network in which both signs and numbers are specified; we further present an associated algorithm for probabilistic inference. Building upon these semi-qualitative networks, a probabilistic network can be quantified and studied in a stepwise manner. As a result, modelling inadequacies can be detected and amended at an early stage in the quantification process.
Pages: 422-429
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PDF Link: /papers/02/p422-renooij.pdf
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