Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Combining Feature and Prototype Pruning by Uncertainty Minimization
Marc Sebban, Richard Nock
We focus in this paper on dataset reduction techniques for use in k-nearest neighbor classification. In such a context, feature and prototype selections have always been independently treated by the standard storage reduction algorithms. While this certifying is theoretically justified by the fact that each subproblem is NP-hard, we assume in this paper that a joint storage reduction is in fact more intuitive and can in practice provide better results than two independent processes. Moreover, it avoids a lot of distance calculations by progressively removing useless instances during the feature pruning. While standard selection algorithms often optimize the accuracy to discriminate the set of solutions, we use in this paper a criterion based on an uncertainty measure within a nearest-neighbor graph. This choice comes from recent results that have proven that accuracy is not always the suitable criterion to optimize. In our approach, a feature or an instance is removed if its deletion improves information of the graph. Numerous experiments are presented in this paper and a statistical analysis shows the relevance of our approach, and its tolerance in the presence of noise.
Keywords: Prototype Selection, Feature Selection, Quadratic Entropy, Neighborhood Graph
Pages: 533-540
PS Link: c:Mes documentsSWP25UAI00sn_uai00.ps
PDF Link: /papers/00/p533-sebban.pdf
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