Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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A Study of Scaling Issues in Bayesian Belief Networks for Ship Classification
Scott Musman, L. Chang
The problems associated with scaling involve active and challenging research topics in the area of artificial intelligence. The purpose is to solve real world problems by means of AI technologies, in cases where the complexity of representation of the real world problem is potentially combinatorial. In this paper, we present a novel approach to cope with the scaling issues in Bayesian belief networks for ship classification. The proposed approach divides the conceptual model of a complex ship classification problem into a set of small modules that work together to solve the classification problem while preserving the functionality of the original model. The possible ways of explaining sensor returns (e.g., the evidence) for some features, such as portholes along the length of a ship, are sometimes combinatorial. Thus, using an exhaustive approach, which entails the enumeration of all possible explanations, is impractical for larger problems. We present a network structure (referred to as Sequential Decomposition, SD) in which each observation is associated with a set of legitimate outcomes which are consistent with the explanation of each observed piece of evidence. The results show that the SD approach allows one to represent feature-observation relations in a manageable way and achieve the same explanatory power as an exhaustive approach.
Pages: 32-39
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