Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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On Modal Logics for Qualitative Possibility in a Fuzzy Setting
Petr Hajek, Dagmar Harmancov√°, Francesc Esteva, Pere Garcia, Lluis Godo
Within the possibilistic approach to uncertainty modeling, the paper presents a modal logical system to reason about qualitative (comparative) statements of the possibility (and necessity) of fuzzy propositions. We relate this qualitative modal logic to the many--valued analogues MVS5 and MVKD45 of the well known modal logics of knowledge and belief S5 and KD45 respectively. Completeness results are obtained for such logics and therefore, they extend previous existing results for qualitative possibilistic logics in the classical non-fuzzy setting.
Keywords: Possibilistic Logic, Fuzzy Logic, Qualitative Possibility, Many-valued Modal Logic.
Pages: 278-285
PS Link: ftp://sun.uivt.cas.cz/pub/papers/hhegg.uai94.ps.Z
PDF Link: /papers/94/p278-hajek.pdf
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