Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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An Algebraic Semantics for Possibilistic Logic
Luca Boldrin, Claudio Sossai
The first contribution of this paper is the presentation of a Pavelka - like formulation of possibilistic logic in which the language is naturally enriched by two connectives which represent negation (eg) and a new type of conjunction (otimes). The space of truth values for this logic is the lattice of possibility functions, that, from an algebraic point of view, forms a quantal. A second contribution comes from the understanding of the new conjunction as the combination of tokens of information coming from different sources, which makes our language ''dynamic''. A Gentzen calculus is presented, which is proved sound and complete with respect to the given semantics. The problem of truth functionality is discussed in this context.
Keywords: Possibilistic logic, algebraic semantics, many valued logics, sequent calculus.
Pages: 27-35
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PDF Link: /papers/95/p27-boldrin.pdf
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