Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Improved Densification of One Permutation Hashing
Anshumali Shrivastava, Ping Li
The existing work on densification of one permu- tation hashing [24] reduces the query processing cost of the (K, L)-parameterized Locality Sen- sitive Hashing (LSH) algorithm with minwise hashing, from O(dKL) to merely O(d + KL), where d is the number of nonzeros of the data vector, K is the number of hashes in each hash table, and L is the number of hash tables. While that is a substantial improvement, our analy- sis reveals that the existing densification scheme in [24] is sub-optimal. In particular, there is no enough randomness in that procedure, which af- fects its accuracy on very sparse datasets. In this paper, we provide a new densification pro- cedure which is provably better than the existing scheme [24]. This improvement is more signifi- cant for very sparse datasets which are common over the web. The improved technique has the same cost of O(d + KL) for query processing, thereby making it strictly preferable over the ex- isting procedure. Experimental evaluations on public datasets, in the task of hashing based near neighbor search, support our theoretical findings.
Pages: 732-741
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