Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Recursive Best-First AND/OR Search for Optimization in Graphical Models
Akihiro Kishomoto, Radu Marinescu
The paper presents and evaluates the power of limited memory best-first search over AND/OR spaces for optimization tasks in graphical mod- els. We propose Recursive Best-First AND/OR Search with Overestimation (RBFAOO), a new algorithm that explores the search space in a best-first manner while operating with restricted memory. We enhance RBFAOO with a simple overestimation technique aimed at minimizing the overhead associated with re-expanding inter- nal nodes and prove correctness and complete- ness of RBFAOO. Our experiments show that RBFAOO is often superior to the current state- of-the-art approaches based on AND/OR search, especially on very hard problem instances.
Pages: 400-409
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PDF Link: /papers/14/p400-kishomoto.pdf
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