Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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On the Complexity of Decision Making in Possibilistic Decision Trees
Helene Fargier, Nahla Ben Amor, Wided Guezguez
When the information about uncertainty cannot be quantified in a simple, probabilistic way, the topic of possibilistic decision theory is often a natural one to consider. The development of possibilistic decision theory has lead to a series of possibilistic criteria, e.g pessimistic possibilistic qualitative utility, possibilistic likely dominance , binary possibilistic utility and possibilistic Choquet integrals. This paper focuses on sequential decision making in possibilistic decision trees. It proposes a complexity study of the problem of finding an optimal strategy depending on the monotonicity property of the optimization criteria which allows the application of dynamic programming that offers a polytime reduction of the decision problem. It also shows that possibilistic Choquet integrals do not satisfy this property, and that in this case the optimization problem is NP − hard.
Pages: 203-210
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