Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Solving Multistage Influence Diagrams using Branch-and-Bound Search
Changhe Yuan, Xiaojian Wu, Eric Hansen
A branch-and-bound approach to solving influ- ence diagrams has been previously proposed in the literature, but appears to have never been implemented and evaluated - apparently due to the difficulties of computing effective bounds for the branch-and-bound search. In this paper, we describe how to efficiently compute effective bounds, and we develop a practical implementa- tion of depth-first branch-and-bound search for influence diagram evaluation that outperforms existing methods for solving influence diagrams with multiple stages.
Pages: 691-700
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PDF Link: /papers/10/p691-yuan.pdf
AUTHOR = "Changhe Yuan and Xiaojian Wu and Eric Hansen",
TITLE = "Solving Multistage Influence Diagrams using Branch-and-Bound Search",
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