Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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IDEAL: A Software Package for Analysis of Influence Diagrams
Sampath Srinivas, John Breese
IDEAL (Influence Diagram Evaluation and Analysis in Lisp) is a software environment for creation and evaluation of belief networks and influence diagrams. IDEAL is primarily a research tool and provides an implementation of many of the latest developments in belief network and influence diagram evaluation in a unified framework. This paper describes IDEAL and some lessons learned during its development.
Pages: 212-219
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PDF Link: /papers/90/p212-srinivas.pdf
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TITLE = "IDEAL: A Software Package for Analysis of Influence Diagrams",
BOOKTITLE = "Proceedings of the Sixth Conference Annual Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI-90)",
ADDRESS = "Corvallis, Oregon",
YEAR = "1990",
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