Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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A VLSI Design and Implementation for a Real-Time Approximate Reasoning
Masaki Togai, Hiroyuki Watanabe
The role of inferencing with uncertainty is becoming more important in rule-based expert systems (ES), since knowledge given by a human expert is often uncertain or imprecise. We have succeeded in designing a VLSI chip which can perform an entire inference process based on fuzzy logic. The design of the VLSI fuzzy inference engine emphasizes simplicity, extensibility, and efficiency (operational speed and layout area). It is fabricated in 2.5 um CMOS technology. The inference engine consists of three major components; a rule set memory, an inference processor, and a controller. In this implementation, a rule set memory is realized by a read only memory (ROM). The controller consists of two counters. In the inference processor, one data path is laid out for each rule. The number of the inference rule can be increased adding more data paths to the inference processor. All rules are executed in parallel, but each rule is processed serially. The logical structure of fuzzy inference proposed in the current paper maps nicely onto the VLSI structure. A two-phase nonoverlapping clocking scheme is used. Timing tests indicate that the inference engine can operate at approximately 20.8 MHz. This translates to an execution speed of approximately 80,000 Fuzzy Logical Inferences Per Second (FLIPS), and indicates that the inference engine is suitable for a demanding real-time application. The potential applications include decision-making in the area of command and control for intelligent robot systems, process control, missile and aircraft guidance, and other high performance machines.
Pages: 289-296
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