Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Control of Problem Solving: Principles and Architecture
John Breese, Michael Fehling
This paper presents an approach to the design of autonomous, real-time systems operating in uncertain environments. We address issues of problem solving and reflective control of reasoning under uncertainty in terms of two fundamental elements: l) a set of decision-theoretic models for selecting among alternative problem-solving methods and 2) a general computational architecture for resource-bounded problem solving. The decisiontheoretic models provide a set of principles for choosing among alternative problem-solving methods based on their relative costs and benefits, where benefits are characterized in terms of the value of information provided by the output of a reasoning activity. The output may be an estimate of some uncertain quantity or a recommendation for action. The computational architecture, called Schemer-ll, provides for interleaving of and communication among various problem-solving subsystems. These subsystems provide alternative approaches to information gathering, belief refinement, solution construction, and solution execution. In particular, the architecture provides a mechanism for interrupting the subsystems in response to critical events. We provide a decision theoretic account for scheduling problem-solving elements and for critical-event-driven interruption of activities in an architecture such as Schemer-II.
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Pages: 59-68
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