Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Evaluation of Distributed Intelligence on the Smart Card
Kazuo Ezawa, Greg Napiorkowski, Mariusz Kossarski
We describe challenges in the risk management of smart card based electronic cash industry and describe a method to evaluate the effectiveness of distributed intelligence on the smart card. More specifically, we discuss the evaluation of distributed intelligence function called "on-chip risk management" of the smart card for the global electronic cash payment application using micro dynamic simulation. Handling of uncertainty related to future economic environment, various potential counterfeit attack scenarios, requires simulation of such environment to evaluate on-chip performance. Creation of realistic simulation of electronic cash economy, transaction environment, consumers, merchants, banks are challenge themselves. In addition, we shows examples of detection capability of off-chip, host based counterfeit detection systems based on the micro dynamic simulation model generated data set.
Keywords: distributed intelligence, smart card, risk management, simulation,electronic money
Pages: 178-187
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PDF Link: /papers/99/p178-ezawa.pdf
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