Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Convex Coding
David Bradley, J Bagnell
Inspired by recent work on convex formulations of clustering (Lashkari & Golland, 2008; Nowozin & Bakir, 2008) we investigate a new formulation of the Sparse Coding Problem (Olshausen & Field, 1997). In sparse coding we attempt to simultaneously represent a sequence of data-vectors sparsely (i.e. sparse approximation (Tropp et al., 2006)) in terms of a 'code' defined by a set of basis elements, while also finding a code that enables such an approximation. As existing alternating optimization procedures for sparse coding are theoretically prone to severe local minima problems, we propose a convex relaxation of the sparse coding problem and derive a boosting-style algorithm, that (Nowozin & Bakir, 2008) serves as a convex 'master problem' which calls a (potentially non-convex) sub-problem to identify the next code element to add. Finally, we demonstrate the properties of our boosted coding algorithm on an image denoising task.
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Pages: 83-90
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PDF Link: /papers/09/p83-bradley.pdf
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