Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
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Infinite Hidden Relational Models
Zhao Xu, Volker Tresp, Kai Yu, Hans-Peter Kriegel
In many cases it makes sense to model a relationship symmetrically, not implying any particular directionality. Consider the classical example of a recommendation system where the rating of an item by a user should symmetrically be dependent on the attributes of both the user and the item. The attributes of the (known) relationships are also relevant for predicting attributes of entities and for predicting attributes of new relations. In recommendation systems, the exploitation of relational attributes is often referred to as collaborative filtering. Again, in many applications one might prefer to model the collaborative effect in a symmetrical way. In this paper we present a relational model, which is completely symmetrical. The key innovation is that we introduce for each entity (or object) an infinite-dimensional latent variable as part of a Dirichlet process (DP) model. We discuss inference in the model, which is based on a DP Gibbs sampler, i.e., the Chinese restaurant process. We extend the Chinese restaurant process to be applicable to relational modeling. Our approach is evaluated in three applications. One is a recommendation system based on the MovieLens data set. The second application concerns the prediction of the function of yeast genes/proteins on the data set of KDD Cup 2001 using a multi-relational model. The third application involves a relational medical domain. The experimental results show that our model gives significantly improved estimates of attributes describing relationships or entities in complex relational models.
Pages: 544-551
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